You need to prepare carefully for a vacation in Abkhazia: tips for tourists

To rest in Abkhazia you need to prepare carefully: tips for tourists

“We are resting in Abkhazia not for the first time. Yes, there are difficulties here, but they can be avoided if you carefully prepare and plan everything in advance. Those tourists who do not have enough information about the country are likely to be disappointed or even get themselves in a lot of trouble. You can relax here on a budget, but you will have to organize everything yourself. ” Tips from a knowledgeable traveler – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Svetlana. Put “class” if you went on rest with under­pi­san­n­nil­ny karan­yes­shom che&#173 ;mo­yes­nom!

How to get there

In our experience, the best option is a plane to Adler and then to Abkhazia. Traveling by train, spending so much time on the road, is stupid. And the prices in this case are not much different from air travel. With the transfer there are nuances. Choose departures in the morning or in the afternoon: budget transfer or taxi options are available only until 22:00, then the price is doubled (since the minibus does not run from the borders of Abkhazia anymore).

In order not to wait in line at the borders and not overpay for a direct transfer (at a tour operator it can cost about 3 thousand per car), feel free to take a taxi from the airport to the border (10 km, about 350 rubles), and after passing through customs – to the hotel (we paid 400 rubles), or take a minibus for 150. Find out in advance where your hotel is located relative to the minibus stop.1/1

Where to live

Do not take large sanatoriums, as they stopped in their development back in the days of the USSR. Private houses and apartments – only by acquaintance, and in general I do not advise. Not only can you run into unscrupulous owners, you will also independently solve the problems of turning off water and electricity. Do you need it?

The best options are mini-hotels.

There are more and more of them in Abkhazia, there are excellent sets of services, you can often find even a pool, spa and a decent restaurant on site. It is better to look for reviews on housing not on websites or in Booking, but on social networks – by geolocation. It is better to choose small villages in the mountains than hotels on the coast. The beauty of Abkhazia is in nature. Less contact with people, more with nature, and preferably in reserves rather than on popular tourist routes.1/1

For example, we rested in the Grasse complex in the village of Bzyb. You can take a taxi to the sea or cooperate with other guests by car. But – a closed area with a playground, alpine meadows, mountains, a river.


Here you should not save money, but go with a private guide. In any case, it is cheaper and safer than renting a car, and here it is 1900–2500 rubles. per day, and, given the current driving style, God forbid, even get into a minor accident: it’s not worth the problems and loss of money. It is even better to take a taxi, choosing attractions that are nearby for day 1-2. .ru/sized/f550x700/af/eu/afeufmjfty8gc8ccwgowoks8k.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

You need to prepare carefully for a vacation in Abkhazia: tips for tourists

Everyone probably already knows, but I'll say it again. Buying products from private sellers in shops is not the best option, unless, of course, you know trusted places. But there are good products in factory packaging, for example, local wine. A lot of quality goods and products from Georgia and Turkey. Dried fruits and cheeses we took exclusively Turkish.

Is it possible to have a good rest in Abkhazia? Absolutely yes! I wish you all a good rest and bright positive emotions.1/1

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