You don’t even need it for nothing: 5 places in Gelendzhik that you shouldn’t waste time and money on

Not even for nothing: 5 places in Gelendzhik that are not worth wasting time and money on

Maykova Galina/ You can walk along the Gelendzhik embankment for hours, admiring the picturesque views of the bay and enjoying the resort atmosphere. There is also enough entertainment: a water park, theme parks, a dolphinarium, a cable car. But it is better to avoid some popular places in the city so as not to spoil your impressions of your vacation. Spend your time and money on something else.

1. Gelendzhik Oceanarium

From visiting the “Ocean Park” on the street. Revolutionary, 11 many have a painful impression. Marine life is kept there in cramped aquariums, and animals are kept in small cages and aviaries, stuffy and gloomy inside. Both floors of the oceanarium can be walked in 7-10 minutes, there are no large fish, and those that are, look very “tired”. The verdict of the visitors is that it’s definitely not worth the money, except to look in once if the child has never been to such places and really asks.

2. Attraction “House upside down”

The idea of ​​upside-down houses is not new; many tourist cities have this. But in Gelendzhik, the implementation turned out somehow not very well. From the outside, the building looks quite attractive, but inside there is practically nothing to see. The meager interior and poor lighting make it impossible to take normal photographs, some of the furnishings have fallen into disrepair, the windows are dusty – it seems that no one takes care of the house, but simply let tourists in during the season for the sake of profit. The verdict of dissatisfied visitors: the price of tickets is very high, after 5 minutes it becomes boring there.

3. Central city beach

This beach is avoided by the locals because they know that the sewage of the city is drained into the sea nearby. Well, uninformed tourists catch rotavirus and other unpleasant sores there. A beach with such a “surprise” does not save even the surroundings from a beautiful embankment, slender rows of yachts and wooden decks. At the height of the season, there are a lot of vacationers on the beach – they are attracted by the sandy surface. But if you care about your health, it is better to look for another place to swim.

4. Shopping center “Gelendzhik”

If you want to go shopping and do some good shopping, this is definitely not the place for you. The Gelendzhik shopping center is an awkward pavilion in the style of the early 2000s, more like a market. Only inside there are not counters, but separate shops with an indistinct assortment. Although the complex is located in the city center and is considered almost the main engine of the resort's trade, there is almost nothing to do there.

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5. The Lost World Park

A small park, which takes five minutes to explore. Inside they sell toys and souvenirs at exorbitant prices, obsessively offer the services of a photographer. The figures of dinosaurs are damaged in places – the rubber is torn and the horns are broken off. Dinoparks in neighboring Arkhipo-Osipovka and Kabardinka are more interesting and larger: it is better to ride there and spend time, but enjoy the visit.

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