Yes, leave it at home! 5 Things You Shouldn't Bring on a Vacation Down South

Leave this at home! 5 things you shouldn't bring to the south on vacation

Stiletto heels, “four silk evening dresses”, a bulky umbrella and a large towel – what else is better to leave at home so that a carefree summer trip does not turn into an ordeal? Practical “Subtlety” will help to minimize the contents of the luggage and go to the sea light.

1. Heavy shoes

Experienced travelers believe that on a short vacation you can get by with two pairs of shoes: one for the city and the beach, the second for excursions and hiking in the mountains. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to carry heavy sneakers with you, occupying half of the suitcase – it is easy to replace them with light sneakers or sports sandals. High-heeled dress shoes are also unlikely to come in handy at the seaside, unless there are plans for some grand celebration with a strict dress code.

< h2>2. Excess makeup

Shampoos, balms and shower gels, a jar of cream for different parts of the body, foundations and highlighters, shadows and lipstick – this whole set of a real woman with a light heart can be forgotten at home. Detergents, as a rule, are in the hotel, and if their quality is not satisfactory, it is easier to buy the same shampoo on the spot than to take it with you. Decorative cosmetics that blur under the hot sun is also an extra burden: at least on vacation, let your skin breathe and relax. And don't forget sunscreen. Numerous face creams can be replaced with one universal one, and makeup removers can be replaced with wet wipes.

If we are talking about a relaxing holiday, it is quite possible to live a couple of weeks without a hair dryer and an iron: even compact versions of these devices significantly weigh down luggage.

3. Jewelry

Large beads, weighty earrings and massive bracelets, most likely, will remain in a suitcase, because in the summer heat you don’t want to carry bulky items on yourself, and on the beach they are simply out of place. Tiny but expensive jewelry is also best left at home so as not to worry about where all this splendor will be stored while you bask in the sand. So it's better not to take anything from the jewelry store – or almost nothing. f550x700/7x/j3/7xj33vpob3k8os8o80go4kwo0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Leave that at home! 5 things you shouldn't take on vacation south

< h2>4. Home appliances

Ironing wrinkles and styling your hair – are you really going to do this on vacation? If we are talking about a relaxed holiday, it is quite possible to live a couple of weeks without a hair dryer and an iron: even compact versions of these devices significantly weigh down luggage. It is enough to take clothes from wrinkle-resistant fabrics with you or roll things up into rolls, and immediately hang them on hangers in the hotel – then you won’t need an iron. In extreme cases, you can ask for it at the reception, and usually there is a hairdryer even in the simplest hotels.

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5. Crockery

Prohibitively thrifty travelers go on vacation with their own dishes, the rest prefer not to overload their bags with cups, spoons and plates. The essentials are usually provided in hotels, mini-hotels, and in the private sector, and disposable tableware is sold in almost any store.

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