World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Czech Republic

The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in the Czech Republic

Sky Bridge 721 — «Sky Bridge 721, — named after its length of 721 meters, has just opened to tourists after almost two years of construction. The bridge crosses a gorge between two ridges in the mountain village of Dolni Morava in the northeastern part of the country, close to the border with Poland. It is located at an altitude of over 1 100 meters above sea level. At its highest point, it is 95 meters above the valley below. 

Sky Bridge 721 — the world's longest suspension bridge for pedestrians. The previous record holder — Vietnamese pedestrian bridge Bach Long, whose name translates as “white dragon”, — has a length of 632 meters. Before him, the Portuguese — 516 meters.

The daredevils who make this difficult walk will be rewarded: not only is it breathtaking with fear, but also the fantastic views of the surrounding Jeseniky Mountains amaze.

Construction of the “Heavenly Bridge” took about two years and cost about 8 million euros. Local critics are unhappy with the addition to the familiar landscape. They think the bridge is too big and aggressive, and are concerned that the bridge will attract too many tourists to the village of Dolní Morave, with a population of less than 500 inhabitants.

Representatives of the Czech tourism industry, however, say that attracting visitors to new attraction — good chance.

It is reported that a maximum of 500 tourists will be able to enter the bridge at a time, and half as many tourists will be allowed in the first two weeks to avoid excessive crowds.

Before you leave there, it is recommended to definitely check the wind conditions. Sky Bridge 721 will be closed to the public if the wind exceeds 37 m/s. In this case, the wind is considered a hurricane already at a speed of 33 m/s.   

Dolní Morava is located in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic, about 125 miles east of Prague. The trip from Prague to Dolní Morava by car will take about two hours and 30 minutes. You can use the train — it's about 4 hours. Cost — 20-30 euros one way.

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