World's first deep-sea archaeological park to open in Malta

The world's first deep-water archaeological park will open in Malta

In Malta — Mediterranean archipelago and one of the best diving spots in the world — Tower Wreck, the first deep-sea archaeological park of its kind, will open this spring. This state-of-the-art cultural space was created thanks to the Malta Airport Foundation and Heritage Malta — Maltese National Agency for Museums and Cultural Heritage. The park is located in Xlendi Bay, in the southwestern part of the Maltese island of Gozo.

Tower Wreck will feature thousands of ancient artifacts such as amphorae and grain storage vessels dating back some 2,300 years, as well as natural heritage in the form of rocky outcroppings formed by extinct coral reefs.

To make deep-sea archaeological excavations accessible not only to divers, the Underwater Malta website will open a “virtual museum”; with 360-degree videos, images and 3D models of unique exhibits.

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