World's first artificial gravity space hotel to open in 2027

The world's first space hotel with artificial gravity will open in 2027


The Voyager Station Hotel will consist of 24 modules connected by walkways that look like elevator shafts. Together, they form a giant wheel with a diameter of 212 m. The wheel will rotate at a certain speed, thereby creating artificial gravity around the edges.

According to Tim Alatorre, chief architect of Orbital Assembly, the station, when rotated, will push out everything that inside, from the center to the perimeter. It's the same as a spinning bucket of water. “Water is pressed into the bucket and stays in place.”

Specialists say that Voyager a force of attraction similar to that of the moon will be recreated — a kind of “moon effect”. Due to weightlessness and reduced gravity inside the hotel, you can jump higher, run faster, and familiar objects will become several times lighter than on Earth.  

Width of hotel interior — about 20 meters.

The entire futuristic structure will float in outer space above the Earth's atmosphere.

Another interesting point: the main assembly of Voyager Station will take place in orbit. This will be done by a special robot, and “spare parts”, that is, structural elements, will be delivered from Earth on a spacecraft. This, according to experts, is the most expensive part of the operation, because the design weight of the station will be 2 500 tons.

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