Why the table is not Danish or Norwegian, namely Swedish

Why table not Danish or Norwegian, but Swedish

The buffet on vacation is so familiar that few people think about the origin of this concept. And “Subtleties” became interested – and now they are ready to share an interesting story with you. Just in case: a buffet is a way of serving food when a large number of dishes are displayed on the tables, and guests themselves choose and serve what they like.

It all started in the distant past, when the ancestors of modern Swedes made food preparations for long-term storage. When guests arrived or some important event happened, all the food was put on the table in large bowls. Thus, the owners get rid of the need to cook for a long time and put food on plates, freeing up time for communication.

Initially, there were seafood, fish of various varieties, eggs, pickled cucumbers, cheeses, meat, sweets and compote on the tables. For hot – cutlets, meatballs and baked potatoes. As the Swedes got acquainted with the cuisines of other countries, the range of dishes was replenished.

And only then, in the 20th century, this format was appreciated and “adopted” all over the world.

Interestingly, this option of serving food is far from being called Swedish everywhere. Just like in Russia, they also speak in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. In most countries, the buffet is simply called buffet. In Sweden itself, it is even called a sandwich. According to one version, in Russia this way of serving food was called a buffet under the influence of writers and travelers at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Over time, the principle of the buffet (or buffet) table formed the basis for the service of many resort hotels, since it turned out to be very convenient: you can feed a large number of guests in a short time. In addition, the buffet is cheaper in the end, because the food is prepared from the same products and there is no need to spend money on personal service. True, in our quarantine times, he came under serious restrictions in many places – but we are sure that this is temporary.

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