Why living in Yerevan is really not very good. 6 compelling arguments

Why living in Yerevan is really not very good. 6 convincing arguments

Yerevan is a fair-sized city with an eerie-looking ravine in the very center, full of signs in an incomprehensible language, confusing lanes and cafes with an unrealistic amount of delicious food, just looking at which you put on a couple of kilograms. However, this is not all that the capital of Armenia can scare away those who dream of settling in it forever. “Subtleties” took a closer look at the Pink City, talked with people who moved there and did not hide why it's really not very good to live there.

1. Expensive rent

Many went to Yerevan because of the very low cost of rent. But the frenzied demand gave rise to the same frenzied rise in prices. In a few months, apartment rental prices have soared, and now they are asking for 400,000 AMD for a two-bed apartment with a good repair near the center, while earlier it cost half as much. There are, of course, options at reasonable prices, but they are usually found in very depressing buildings and areas. Along with the prices, the number of frauds associated with the rental of apartments has increased.

2. Depressed development

“Squatter construction, unfinished construction and palaces interspersed with slums” – this is how the new residents of the Armenian capital describe the architecture of Yerevan. For decades, even the upper part of the famous cascade has been unfinished, into the pit of which garbage is dumped. And the most famous slums are called the Kond area, where Kantemir Balagov could well make films. The old fund leaves the feeling that all this right now will collapse on your head. But apartments there are still rented out – and some of them are rented for lack of better options.

3. In the private sector, stoves are heated with plastic and rubber

In the private sector of Yerevan, stoves are installed in the houses, but not all residents have enough money for firewood. Therefore, everything that comes to hand goes into the furnace: boxes, polyethylene, tires, old rags. Do I need to talk about how this affects the environment? It is not surprising that Yerevan is constantly included in the ratings of the most environmentally hazardous cities for life (including by the number of oncological diseases).

4. Garbage

Right in the city, next to the Nurabashen sleeping area, which is 10 km from the center, there is a giant dump. Periodically, it also burns, poisoning the already not joyful existence of the inhabitants of this part of Yerevan. Garbage not in the central areas is taken out irregularly: bins can stand full for several days, attracting rats and homeless animals.

5. Insufficient landscaping

In the heat of summer, it is especially noticeable how Yerevan lacks trees. Local residents say that developers, both official and private, as well as firewood hunters, once destroyed a lot of trees in the city. As for modern squares, there is very little greenery with lush crowns.

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< h2>6. Poor infrastructure

Yerevan is not created for pedestrians and cyclists. Wide roads, few pedestrian crossings and safety islands, long waits for green traffic lights, many narrow sidewalks, dozens of abandoned cars on the side of the road, bike rentals can be literally counted on the fingers of one hand. Public transport is called another trouble in Yerevan: the buses are old and uncomfortable, especially in the heat; and some routes are still run by well-worn Gazelles. /f550x700/5a/31/5a31l1rf6cw8c4084gk8s8c4k.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why living in Yerevan is really not very good. 6 convincing arguments

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