Why living in Siberia is really great: 8 reasons to move east

Why living in Siberia is actually great: 8 reasons to move east

Many people think that Siberia is not about comfort and convenience. This is the choice of the soul, which calls to where the trees are higher, the rivers are more transparent, the connection with nature is stronger, and people are completely different. Subtlety does not argue with the latter at all, but they can state the following: those who are used to thinking practically will surely like it in Siberia too. We found eight proofs for this assertion.

1. Cheaper real estate

Becoming the owner of square meters in Siberia is easier: real estate here is several times cheaper than in the capital region. So, a kopeck piece of 50 sq. m in a good area of ​​Novosibirsk, Irkutsk or Krasnoyarsk can be bought for 5,000,000 RUB. In Moscow, this amount is only enough for half a one-room apartment (and even then not every one).

2. Less competition

Siberian graduates and high-class specialists often seek to move to Moscow or even abroad. As a result, those who stay have fewer competitors when looking for work. True, good work can not be found in all cities, and salaries here in many industries are much lower than in Moscow.

3. Each city and region is special

Many Siberian cities and regions are famous for their unique history, modern specialization, and unusual sights. Novosibirsk is a world-famous science city, Tyva is the center of Asia, Irkutsk is a place closely associated with the names of the Decembrists and Admiral Kolchak, Baikal and Khakassia are lands where shamanism, the cult of nature and ancestors still flourish, Kemerovo and Norilsk are one of leading industrial centers of Russia. You can literally choose a city suitable for living according to your interests. /w6/28w6o43hp8e84g000g40gkgoc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why living in Siberia is really great: 8 reasons to move east

4. Close contact with nature

Those who love outdoor activities often move to Siberia: rafting, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, or simply camping on the lake shore. Lake Baikal and Teletskoye, the Yenisei, Angara and Katun rivers, the Krasnoyarsk pillars, the Sayan and Belukha mountains, nature reserves stretching for many kilometers, where you can see many animals and birds at arm's length, are the main treasures of the region. It happens that living creatures appear right in cities and towns. True, bears are not very welcome there, but people feed squirrels, birds and foxes and take pictures willingly.

5. Closer to popular natural sites

It is much closer and cheaper to travel around Siberia from Siberia than from Moscow. So, from the capital to Gorno-Altaisk along the highways – 3700 km, from Irkutsk – 1500 km less. Tyva borders on Khakassia, and the Krasnoyarsk Territory borders on the Irkutsk Region, so moving between them is not tiring even in a private car.

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6. Another rhythm of life

The rhythm of life in Siberia is not as fast as in Moscow or St. Petersburg. First of all, this is due to the fact that residents of Siberian cities usually do not need to overcome such distances as in the capital. And those who live in small towns can generally drive (or even walk) from home to work in 5 minutes. There are also much fewer queues to shops or exhibitions here. 55/wr/55wrkhbmxbwgsgo4wkkc4skco.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why living in Siberia is really great: 8 reasons to move east

7. People

Those who have seen the world and looked at people note that Siberians are strikingly different from those southerners. They are more silent, collected, reliable, ready to come to the rescue without further ado. Along with nature, people are called the main wealth of Siberia.

8. A real New Year

Winters in Siberia without snow are an anomaly. So, the New Year here is the real one: with snow-covered Christmas trees, snowballs, snowdrifts and frost. The weather in the capital region loses a lot in this regard, and sometimes there is no New Year's mood there, primarily because instead of snow, some kind of slush again.

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