Why is Menorca the perfect holiday destination on the coast of Spain?

Why is Menorca — the perfect place to relax on the coast of Spain?

While Mallorca and Ibiza — territory of unrestrained fun, Menorca — an island that makes you fall in love with beautiful beaches, sunsets and restaurants.

Menorca can easily claim the title of the most peaceful island in Spain, many parts of it remain wild and untouched.

However, for those who want to have a party, the cliffside bar Cova d'en Xoroi turns into a nightclub in the height of summer.

Despite the fact that the length of the island from west to east is less than 50 km, the coastline is almost endless — more than 200 km. This makes Menorca a great place for a real beach holiday.

Tkm, for the adventurous, there is plenty to offer too, from snorkelling, hiking and biking to kayaking, fishing and boating.

Many tourists come every year specifically to to enjoy the breathtaking views of the island.

Good food can be found everywhere as Menorca has been awarded the 2022 European Region of Gastronomy.  Most likely, it will be delicious everywhere. Start with the Aquarium sea restaurant and order local shrimp, tuna and other fish.

Want to relax? Head to the luxurious Hotel Torralbenc to sample local wines on a luxury guided tour and tasting. The island has 70 hectares of stunning vineyards and olive groves.

Also, Menorca is home to a world-famous stylish shoe boutique, which is very popular among big celebrities. Buy your own super-comfortable pair of Pretty Ballerinas from the trendy shop in the old town for 140 euros, you won't regret it!

In the evening, be sure to order a glass or two of Lipstick at the bar.

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