Why hotels a kilometer from the beach are in demand by tourists not only because of the price

Why hotels a kilometer from the beach are in demand by tourists not only because of the price

An ideal hotel in a seaside resort through the eyes of a tourist: cozy, well-groomed, with comfortable rooms, delicious food and good service. And to the beach – a stone's throw. But is it necessary? Sometimes outside the first coastline you can find more interesting options and, importantly, cheaper. Experienced holidaymakers list the advantages of hotels remote from the sea.

1. Atmosphere

Hotels on the first coastline are always crowded, noisy and bustling there. In those that are located further away, peace and tranquility often reign. Especially if these are family hotels, where everything is at home, without too much pathos. No need to fight for a sun lounger by the pool, wait in line for buffet dishes, ignore annoying animators and try to fall asleep to the sound of a disco.

2. Air

Of course, sea air is a delight for the lungs, but it is too humid, and you will have to get used to it. As well as the fact that linen and towels dry for hours, and salt spray and sand get on the balcony every now and then. And if a highway passes between the hotel and the beach, the pleasure completely disappears. Hotel guests in quiet remote areas breathe easier in every sense.

3. Territory

The coast, as a rule, is built up so densely that hoteliers are fighting for any, even the smallest piece of land. If somewhere in Turkey or Egypt, giants, full-fledged mini-cities flaunt on the first coastline, then in Europe hotels near the blue sea are often compact, and given the workload on their territory, it can be crowded. The farther from the beach, the higher the likelihood that the hotel is equipped with ample parking.

4. Pools

So that guests do not feel left out, hotel owners outside the first line are landscaping alternative swimming and sunbathing areas for them. Large and small, for children and adults, with and without slides, with sea water, jacuzzi and waterfalls, on the roof or surrounded by lush vegetation – although the pools do not replace the sea, they certainly add variety to leisure.

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5. Engagement

Living on the coast, one can hardly feel the mood of the city and its rhythm, feel like a local, even if only for a week or two. Maneuvering between the room, the restaurant and the beach quickly gets boring, while a walk to the sea can become a whole adventure, getting to know the real non-resort life.

And don't let the distances scare you, because some hotels on the first coastline are built on such steep mountains that 100 meters up and down the winding path will seem like a more serious test.

Resting in a hotel further from the coast is always more conscious, eventful and measured: after a lazy day on a noisy crowded beach, it's nice to switch modes, walk along the city streets and return to where it's nice and calm.

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