Why flight attendants don't drink tea and coffee on the plane

Why do flight attendants not drink tea and coffee on the plane

Anyone who has ever taken an overnight or early morning flight knows how hard it is on the body. Therefore, when your head is falling asleep, you want to drink a cup of hot tea or coffee to feel cheerful. However, flight attendants are skeptical about consuming hot drinks on board and try not to do so themselves. Why? This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and #tourist bear!

Where does the water on board come from?

Water for in-flight tea and coffee is taken from the tap, not bottled, and can taste bad and even harbor bacteria. According to an EPA study back in 2004, 13% of 158 aircraft had E. coli in the faucets, and even a dangerous strain of E. Coli (E. coli) was found on two sides. And in our time, at least one in 8 aircraft does not meet the safety standards of water, which is poured into the tank at airports from a water hose. Why does a flight attendant hide her hands behind her back when she meets passengers? Maybe she's hiding something?Because of the danger of catching an infection, Baylor University Medical Center infectious disease specialist Dr. Cedric Spak does not advise children, as well as people with reduced immunity, to consume non-bottled drinks on board.

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