Why Europeans do not take off their shoes at home: 3 reasons and 3 exceptions

Why Europeans don't take off their shoes at home: 3 reasons and 3 exceptions

The traditions associated with changing street shoes to indoor shoes occupy the minds of mankind so much that analysts from the Reddit service even compiled a map showing in which countries it is customary to change shoes and in which they are not. It turned out that most of the world's population takes off their shoes at the entrance to the dwelling – this is what Russians, Canadians, Chinese and Indians do. But in the USA, Australia, South America and Western Europe, houses usually do not take off their shoes. Why did the Europeans choose the second option, and does everyone adhere to it?

Reason number 1: warm climate

Walking around the house in outdoor shoes is the norm for those countries where there is not much snow and it does not rain too often. What is the point of changing shoes if the street is warm and dry all year round, and there is no mud and slush under your feet? Therefore, the same shoes for home and street are most often used by carefree southerners – Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese.

The second exception, territorial

Those who live in two-story houses usually they don’t change their shoes on the ground floor, where the kitchen and living room are located, and the floor is not carpeted, but tile. But on the second floor, in the bedrooms, they use slippers or go barefoot.

The third exception, hygienic

Europeans take off their shoes at the entrance if there are small children, elderly people or allergies in the house: the former actively explore the surrounding space and often taste objects from the floor, the second is hard to clean often, and the third is contraindicated in dust and other allergens that can be brought from the street.

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