Why do Turks touch their teeth when they are frightened?

Why do Turks touch their teeth when they are frightened?

First, a simple question: have you ever scared a Turk? If the answer is yes, then with high chances you have witnessed a very strange reaction, which is almost guaranteed to give out these people. A frightened Turk or Turkish woman puts her thumb under her front upper teeth and sharply pushes her head up with it. What is the meaning of such a gesture?

It is very important for emotional Turks to show how powerful a reaction this or that act caused in them. And the expressive gesture with a finger in his mouth demonstrates that the fright was really strong. And what exactly this movement means, even the Turks themselves cannot unambiguously explain.

  • Some believe that this is something like a gesture familiar to Europeans to “return a dropped jaw to its place.”
  • Others believe that such a gesture helps not to swallow the tongue out of fear.< /li>
  • Third, that this is the only way to avoid losing one’s head in horror.

The gesture is extremely common in the country: it can be seen both in the capital and in the mountain village, it is learned from childhood, just like ours – to knock on wood so as not to jinx it. But who now remembers why you should knock on wood?

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