Why do Turks drink coffee with water?

Why do Turks drink coffee with water?

In Turkey, it is customary to serve coffee with a glass of cold water. This has been the custom since Ottoman times, when all the dishes served to the Sultan were necessarily checked for the presence of poison.

Version one: poison

Usually they were tasted by a special daredevil servant, but coffee is a pleasure for one person, so the sultan checked it himself by adding a little water to the cup: it was believed that poisoned liquid from this will begin to bubble.

Version two: freshness

According to another version, the tradition was adopted from the Greeks, whom water helped to refresh themselves after a cup of hot drink in the heat.

Third version: propriety

Europeans have their own version: before, nobles were frequenters of coffee houses, and it seemed unsuitable for them to lick a spoon and put it on a saucer, but in a glass of water – that’s it .

What about now?

Nowadays, water is offered for other purposes: firstly, to cleanse the taste buds, it is better to feel rich bitter notes and prolong the aftertaste – this effect is called “the magic of the first sip”. Secondly, strong coffee tends to dehydrate the body, and 20-25 minutes after drinking it, it is necessary to replenish the moisture supply.

Thirdly, caffeine raises blood pressure, and water, in turn, normalizes it and restores heart rate. And it also helps to keep the whiteness of the teeth, because the drink contains a pigment that gives the enamel a yellow tint, but if you wash it off immediately, it will not be absorbed.

Finally, this is one of the manifestations of Turkish hospitality: if the guest first drinks not coffee, but water, the host understands that he is hungry. But more often, drinking coffee completes the meal, and then the water neutralizes the taste of the food eaten and allows you to stay longer for a pleasant conversation. But let's finish with a warning from dentists: sudden changes in temperature can damage tooth enamel. Therefore, there should be sufficient interval between sips of coffee and water. It was interesting? Do you know why coffee is so delicious in Italy, although it does not grow there? Or why is paella so popular in Spain?

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