Who will win a real trip to Rostov-on-Don for two this year?

Who will win a real trip to Rostov-on-Don for two this year?

This year the online project is being held under the name «Rostov-on-Don— city ​​with taste. During virtual tours you will be able to touch in real time the culture and history of the formation of this unusual city — find out by whom and in what century Rostov-on-Don was founded, and how quickly it became the largest seaport in southern Russia. Live, you can see the beauty of old merchant mansions, appreciate the unusual architecture of modern Rostov theaters, look into cozy courtyards. On the excursion “Armenia-on-Don” you will learn about the city that does not exist, you will understand how the Don Armenians manage to preserve the language, traditions and customs of their people for the third century already.

Participate in competitions and master classes on cooking Don dishes together with chefs from the best Rostov gastronomic establishments, answer questions from guides, win unique gifts: porcelain and ceramic products from famous Don manufacturers, dinners in restaurants and ethnic complexes, tickets to the go-cart track and the most grand prize — a full-fledged two-day trip to Rostov-on-Don for two, which includes accommodation, meals, and an excursion program.

A virtual tour, of course, cannot replace those vivid sensations and impressions that real travel gives. Take a stroll through the colorful Rostov courtyards of the old Bogatyanovka, taste at the “Bar Mile” the best cocktails from Rostov bartenders, sail with a breeze along the Rostov embankment, take a walk until dawn on Levberdon — Such thrills need to be lived personally! Arriving in this colorful city to continue acquaintance with its people and unusual architecture, use the developed routes posted on the tourist portal of the city tourism.rostov-gorod.ru 

Believe me, acquaintance live with Rostov-on-Don will not disappoint you.

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