Which countries in the world have the longest paid holidays?

Which countries have the longest paid holidays?

At the heart of — each country's legal policy regarding annual paid leave for full-time workers who work for their current employer for one year. Public holidays are also included to show the total number of days an employee can be off work while still receiving pay. 

Top of the most “generous” three European countries. Austria took first place. Here, workers are officially entitled to 25 days of paid annual leave and 13 public holidays, bringing the total number of paid days off to 38. The Austrians are followed by France and Spain with 36 days each. South Korea — the next with a total of 31 days. Next come Germany with 30, Great Britain with 28 and Japan with 26 paid and public holidays. 

In the USA, for example, there are only 10 such days a year, that is almost four times less than in Austria. But the most remarkable thing is that all these 10 days are public holidays. It turns out that the US — the only OECD country that does not provide workers at the federal level with a statutory minimum annual leave. That is, the choice to give or not to give remains with the company. And, I must say, not all American employers allow their employees not to work 10 — 15 days in addition to 10 public holidays, because this is not necessary. Therefore, one in four workers in the US does not have any paid vacation at all, the study says.

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