Which countries and places still require protective masks for tourists?

Which countries and places still require protective masks for tourists?

As of June 2022, there is virtually no nationwide ban on wearing masks in public places, but some cities or even regions have taken matters into their own hands by maintaining mask-wearing rules for specific places or events. Moreover, the restrictions apply not only to local residents, but also to tourists. Most often, we are talking about public transport and airports, as well as cultural facilities such as museums and theaters.

For example, the EU leadership has officially abolished the requirement to wear masks in public transport, but a number of countries still require wear protective equipment, including on airplanes, under the threat of fines.
For example, masks are required on flights to many popular European destinations, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Please be aware that if a mask is required during the flight, it may also be mandatory on other forms of public transport within these countries.

Which countries and places still require protective masks for tourists?

In Greece masks are required to be worn in taxis and some other forms of public transport, including ferries, but they are not required in the cabin, trains or buses on
Outside of Europe, regulations dictate that passengers wear masks on flights within Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In all these countries, masks are also required at the airport.
The mask regime will have to be observed at the airports of Mexico and Costa Rica.
In different countries, individual cities introduce their own rules from time to time. Before traveling, we recommend that you find out if there are any special bans or restrictions in a particular city or province.

Various cultural sites, including museums visited by tourists, also impose individual requirements for masks for visitors. Masks are required in museums in Mexico and some cities in Germany.

The Broadway theater district has mandatory mask-wearing until the end of this month, after which officials will decide whether to continue or cancel it altogether.
In Mexico, in In Puerto Vallarta, masks remain mandatory in public places.
In Italy masks must be worn in certain indoor areas until at least mid-June, including theatres, cinemas, concert halls and sports facilities.
In the Virgin Islands, masks remain mandatory indoors and on public transportation.
In Malaysia face masks are not mandatory in outdoor public places, but everyone must wear them indoors.
In Nepalface masks are required both indoors and outdoors.

Conclusion: no countries currently exist , which would establish general requirements for masks applicable to enclosed spaces.
However, individual establishments, including restaurants, shops, schools, sports arenas, bars, nightclubs, gyms, etc., may require visitors to observe the mask regime, if the owners so desire. So take a pair of masks with you on your trip. Just in case.
One last thing. Although we do not think about the bad, for example, that we will have to be in a medical facility during the trip, even in a pharmacy, they will most likely be asked to wear a mask.

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