Where to move: we understand the conditions of different countries

Moving isn't easy, especially when it involves moving from one country to another. New rules, new laws, new habits. It is not enough to buy a plane ticket and pack a suitcase here, you need to understand how long your stay is available and what you need to take with you, and what you can leave and buy on the spot.

Understanding the peculiarities of moving to some accessible countries for Russians in 2022.

Where to move: understanding the conditions of different countries

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Step 1: choose the city you will fly to

From Moscow, you can fly to several cities at once – Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir, and Ankara. Airline aggregators offer both direct flights and transfers. In addition to the well-known Turkish Airlines, which increased prices due to high demand, you can fly Red Wings, Yamal, IrAero.

Having flown to Antalya, you can already get by bus to Kas or Kalkan, also located on the coast.

From these cities there is an intercity bus that will take you to Istanbul in one night. The bus is often used by locals, so it is worth buying a ticket in advance.

Step 2: find accommodation

After choosing a city, the question arises of how to find and rent an apartment or house. Unfortunately, Airbnb will not help here, but in Turkey there is an excellent service, reminiscent of the functionality of Avito – Sahibinden, where you can find accommodation both for rent and for purchase. 

Pay attention to tours where travel experts help you move and settle down b> in new place:

– to Antalya, details here 

– to Istanbul, you can book here

– to the south of Turkey, get help here

Step 3: how long you can stay in the country

So, it is important to understand how long you can stay in Turkey without a visa? With a valid passport, you can stay in the country for 90 days within six months. 

An important point: if you have already entered the country within the last 6 months, you will have to subtract these days from 90. 

Please note that Russians can stay in the country for up to 60 days in a row, and then a visa will be required, which extends your stay by 30 days.

The next step is to obtain a residence permit.

You can get a little more care and confidence in the process if you contact a travel expert to help organize the relocation. 

Read more about Moving here.


Step 1: choose the city you will fly to b>

It is most logical to fly to Belgrade, from where you can go further to Novi Sad or other cities. Unfortunately, direct flights can hardly be found now, and in order to reduce the number of transfers, you can go to Istanbul, from which you can fly further to Belgrade. 

By the way, from Belgrade Airport you can easily get to the city center by bus, in the daytime it runs every 30 minutes and can take you to the Zeleni Venac stop in forty to fifty minutes.

Step 2: find accommodation

Our advice is to book a hotel on Booking for the first week to further understand which area you prefer housing. There are several rental sites in Serbia – Nekretine, Oglasi, but both are in Serbian, please be patient.

Step 3: how long you can stay in the country

The first 30 days in Serbia you can stay freely under the visa-free regime. Then there is the opportunity to open a long-term visa for 90 days and start processing a residence permit.

For details about moving to Serbia, see the material here.


Step 1: choose the city you will fly to

As a rule, all flights land in the capital of the country – Muscat, and although you can hardly find direct flights there now, there are a sufficient number of flights with one transfer (the non-triviality of the direction certainly helps here). & nbsp;

Step 2: find a place to live

You can search on agoda, opensooq, olx, keeping in mind that Muscat can remain only the first point of your accommodation in the country. 

Important: Oman has a poorly developed public transport system, because almost everyone uses cars, including because of the hot weather. 

Step 3: how long you can stay in the country

A visa for a period of 2 weeks to a month can be issued to you online or upon arrival in the country, but in the current situation, we would advise not to take risks and arrange in advance. 

Next is the registration of a residence permit. The main reasons are investments, marriage, family reunification, work, business and political asylum. On the other hand, you can also apply for a work visa by obtaining a local contract. 

Read more about moving to Oman here.

Where else can you go?

  • Mexico: stay 180 days, don't forget to apply for an e-visa. Apply a visa to Mexico.
  • Egypt: stay 90 days, don't forget to apply for an e-visa. visa. Apply for a visa to Egypt.
  • Israel: stay 90 days
  • Moldova: stay 90 days
  • Tajikistan: stay 90 days
  • Uzbekistan: stay 60 days
  • Argentina: stay 90 days
  • Brazil: stay 90 days
  • < li>Uruguay: stay 90 days

  • Chile: stay 90 days 
  • Ecuador: stay 90 days
  • Costa Rica: stay 90 days  ;
  • Peru: stay 90 days 
  • South Africa: stay 90 days 
  • Morocco: stay 90 days 
  • Qatar: stay 90 days 
  • Nepal: stay 90 days 
  • India: stay 30 days or more, e-Visa required. Apply for a visa to India.
  • Indonesia: minimum stay of 30 days 
  • Cambodia: minimum stay of 30 days, e-Visa required. Apply for a visa to Cambodia
  • Laos: stay from 30 days 
  • Dominican Republic: stay from 30 days 

    Take care of yourself, your YouTravel.me.

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