When will Hong Kong lift quarantine on arrival for foreign tourists?

When will Hong Kong lift quarantine on arrival for foreign tourists?

The Asian financial center remains isolated from the rest of the world, although it has eased tight travel restrictions. So far, the authorities have only reduced the quarantine period from seven days to three. 

Tourists arriving at Hong Kong International Airport must stay at an approved hotel for the duration of the quarantine. Now it is three days. If after that the test is negative, then the next four days can be spent at home or in the hotel in the “health monitoring” mode.

You can leave the house or hotel during these four days, with the exception of high-risk places. The new rules come into effect on Friday, August 12.

Those who have been forced to stay in hotel quarantine for a full three weeks during the pandemic are supporting this reduction with both hands. However, businessmen believe that these measures are not enough to restore the world status of Hong Kong.

After the Omicron outbreak that swept Hong Kong in early 2022, the city began to make adjustments to its methods of dealing with the virus. Ridiculous flight ban lifted last month due to infected 'neighbours' on the armchair and reduced the quarantine period. Now it's time for more decisive steps.

One of the most important and unsolvable problems along the way — Chinese officials dedicated to the complete eradication of the virus. Hong Kong and China are now negotiating to reduce the quarantine for international arrivals.

According to the CEO of the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines (14 airlines, including Cathay Pacific) Subhas Menon, even if Hong Kong lifts the mandatory hotel quarantine for arrivals foreigners, this will not be enough to bring tourists back. “This is a good sign, but there is still a long way to go.”

As for the current three-day quarantine, it does not make life easier for tourists at all. Rooms in special hotels are expensive, living conditions are spartan, and those who happen to fall ill in the days leading up to the holidays are forced to say goodbye to their plans. Add to this the grueling and repetitive testing procedures.

Among those who insist on the immediate removal of all restrictions on pilots and passengers, — Hong Kong's largest airline is Cathay Pacific.

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