Whatsapp and Skype with Telegram do not work in Egypt. And how to communicate

Watsap and Skype with Telegram do not work in Egypt. And how to communicate

In Egypt, there are certain difficulties with access to popular instant messengers, which is why tourists cannot freely use their usual modes of communication even with paid Wi-Fi in the hotel. This is due to the unstable operation of the VoIP protocol, which is responsible for transmitting sound over network channels – it is used by WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and other similar services. Formally, this protocol is not banned in the country, but, according to local law, “bypassing international calls by any means” is not allowed, that is, restrictions apply specifically to international communications.

How are things

Due to the ambiguity of the laws, Egyptian VoIP is, to put it mildly, unstable. There are periods when WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype calls go through without problems, but most of the time they can only send text messages, and in some cases they do not work at all (sometimes such “blocks” last for several weeks). The situation is also different in different parts of the country: for example, a messenger can function normally in Hurghada, but not even send texts from Sharm el-Sheikh. The most uninterrupted options are communication by email or roaming. But many have already weaned from the first, and the second can be costly.

Tourists advise using Viber, which causes the least problems.

Exit from the situation

Tourists advise using Viber, which causes the least problems. It is also often recommended to install a reliable VPN – calls and correspondence from any messengers work without interruptions with it. In addition, it protects against account hacking when connected to free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby (which also happens).

One of the options not to be left without a connection is to buy a SIM card from a local operator Vodafone Egypt, Etisalat Egypt, Orange Egypt, WE. They usually cost 14-20 USD and include 20-25 GB of internet. But you can’t call them via WatsApp and Telegram either, only via Viber. In addition, companies introduce tricky schemes for spending gigabytes, dividing them into categories: as a result, you will receive less traffic than stated in the tariff. But all international social networks work without interruption.

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