What traits of the Russian character do not like the Europeans

What traits of the Russian character Europeans don't like

The Chinese are disliked in Europe for their noisiness and arrogance, the Americans for such ingenuous boorishness, the Indians for their wild habits. Why do (some) Europeans dislike Russians? The list is available. And quite impressive.


She is the “mysterious Russian soul.” Foreigners never know what to expect from Russians in the next minute, even in small things. A Russian can cover up his country with what the world stands – and immediately get into a fight with those who take it into their heads to scold her for company. Can cancel a meeting or a big deal because he changed his mind. He can complain all evening that the need is stuck, and in the morning buy a new iPhone. Needless to say, the man is a mystery.


This trait can best be described with the phrase “No, probably.” Europeans do not understand how it was possible to come up with such a thing, because such a phrase can mean both “yes” and “no”. For us, this is in the order of things: we understand everything perfectly from the context. Well, or do not bother. Think about it, the person is undecided. It happens!


Here at one time Nikita Khrushchev tried, who either promised to show the Americans “Kuzkin's mother”, or knocked his shoe at a UN meeting (in fact, not quite like that). Today, the work of the former general secretary is continued by anonymous haters on Instagram, other social networks and forums, ready to smear anyone: they say that it is the Russians who are the most evil. Why, we can’t restrain ourselves even in relation to our own, for example, we get terribly annoyed when these phrases are spoken incorrectly.


This is the same story as the previous paragraph. Europeans tend to draw conclusions about the intolerance of Russians towards LGBT people, subcultures, people with different views on marriage, further down the list, according to not really numerous, but extremely active Internet trolls. But in real life – do we have other things to do, except how to harass someone?


“Why don’t Russians ever smile?” is a question foreigners often ask both on the Internet and in private conversations. Confessions that we simply do not like fake smiles, they do not add points to us, complaints about a difficult life – even more so. Europeans want to see everyone around happy. And point.

Drinking addiction

A label of labels, which, perhaps, is no less years old than Russia itself. Yes, we sometimes like to relax on vacation, we can do wonders. Although the British are also good, and not only them: judging by the polls of the Germans, the British, Scots and Irish drink more than ours and smoke no less. Do you want to know 7 Russian products that make foreigners shake? Enjoy!

Calling Behavior

This point also includes brightly dressed, brightly painted Russian women looking for adventure on vacation, and noisy young people arranging mini-parties by the common pool, and the addiction of some Russians to driving in violation of traffic rules.

Thirst for freebies

The notorious love of our compatriots for all inclusive, the desire to carry away half-eaten food at the buffet in a napkin, to go to the sights for free – all this causes a slight annoyance among Europeans. And we are, as they say, “not greedy, just economical.” Again, we will not point fingers, but there are also tourists from other countries who, in this sense, will give a hundred points ahead of any “Russian freeloader”.

Bad manners

This is about going to a store or cafe in a swimsuit. And about the inability to behave at the table (especially goes to Russian children). And about tactless questions and unsolicited advice, for which the Russian people are so generous. But after all, we are not uncouth, but simply liberated and with rich life experience. How not to share it? Read also: 5 names you think are Russian.

The habit of breaking personal boundaries

In Scandinavia, in line between people, the distance can be up to a meter, but touching people in the USA is out of the question – harassment! We do things a little differently. In the queue, we can practically stand on top of each other (and not just we can, we must – otherwise someone will fit in), but by touching we attract attention and express friendly support. So we can't do without this feature.

Do you agree with this list or is it all nonsense? Write in the comments!

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