What to see in Dubai – 30 most interesting places

If you love everything luxurious, monumental, impressive, you should definitely travel to the United Arab Emirates and, of course, visit Dubai. The largest sights are concentrated here.

You will plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale, wealth and abundance. We offer you to get acquainted with the most amazing monuments of Dubai. You will be amazed by their magnificence.

The Burj Khalifa

The tower rests directly on the sky. It is visible from every corner of the city. The authorities spent about one and a half billion dollars on the construction of the facility.

This is an extraordinary building. Raise your head and look at the spire: you will be breathless. The height of the structure is 828 meters.

This is a residential and office building. Many guests of the country settle in the Armani Hotel. It occupies 37 floors. Do you want to feel like a sheikh? Book a room!

  • When to visit: visiting is available at any time of the year. But try to get here in the evening. The optimal period is called the period from 5 to 7 pm.

  • Recommendation: there are observation decks on the 125th and 148th floors. From here you have amazing views of the city. Buy your ticket in advance. There are a lot of people who want to admire the surroundings.

Dubai's Dancing Musical Fountain

At the foot of the iconic Burj Khalifa, you'll see another famous landmark. The dancing fountain has become a symbol of the city. A grandiose light and music show awaits you.

The construction is illuminated by 50 multi-colored spotlights. It is equipped with over a thousand light sources, and the jets of the fountain hit a height of 150 meters.

All the guests of Dubai come to admire the spectacle. Note that almost the same fountain is located in Las Vegas. The authorities wanted to repeat the American project. But, of course, they did everything to make their construction break all the records of its prototype.

  • When to visit: If you want to have a great experience, come here by 6 pm. At dusk, the dancing fountain looks incomparable. Shows start at the same time. They run daily.

  • Recommendation: take a professional camera or camera. You will get a rare chance to capture the biggest show in the world.

Dubai Opera House

The opening took place in 2016. The famous Placido Domingo performed here. Since then, the Dubai Opera scene has not stopped being talked about. The building is designed in a futuristic style. It fits perfectly into the space of the business center.

  • When to visit: Tickets for a concert event are booked well in advance of the trip. To appreciate the magnificence of the building and take memorable photos, come here in the late afternoon. The theater is illuminated by illumination. He looks amazing.

  • Suggestion: if opera doesn't interest you, study the playbill. Exhibitions and various shows are often held here.

Dubai Mall and Aquarium

Do you want to have an exciting experience? Head to Dubal Mall. This huge structure is called the third world record in Dubai.

This is the largest shopping center in the world. Here you will find venues for all the leading brands in the world, see a grandiose waterfall, visit a lot of playgrounds, visit a grandiose cinema.

The first floor is occupied by an aquarium. He also got into the Guinness Book of Records. You can observe the life of 33 thousand marine inhabitants.

  • When to visit: Go shopping in February. It's discount time. The aquarium can be visited independently of the mall. Treat yourself and your children to fun and enjoy the experience whenever you come to Dubai.

  • Recommendation: plan to spend the whole day at the Dubai Mall. The area of ​​the shopping center is over 1.2 million m². There are over 1,000 stores alone.

Bastakiya Historic District

If you come across the name Al Fahidi, you should know that we are talking about the same area. Its area is small. This is a historically significant place. Here once lived merchants of textiles and pearls.

The walk will immerse you in an atmosphere of antiquity and luxury. The place is filled with a special atmosphere. It seems that he got on the pages of a fairy tale book with oriental tales.

  • When to visit: If you are tired of the hustle, noise and fun, go for a walk in the area. Here you can gather your thoughts and get acquainted with the ancient architecture.

  • Recommendation: choose comfortable shoes. It is better to walk around the area. So you fully appreciate the beauty of this place.

Dubai Museum

If you are walking around the Bastakia area, stop by the museum. It is located right there. Here you will learn everything about the life, culture, traditions of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, including.

Exposure is everywhere. Collections are already presented in the yard. Right at the entrance, like guards, there are two guns. Tourists love to take photos with them in the background.

  • When to visit: The museum is open daily. There will be no problems with buying tickets. They are sold at the door. If you are tired of the hot sun, then it's time to get acquainted with the collections of the museum.

  • Recommendation: Those tourists who adhere to the Muslim religion will like it here. The halls present a unique collection that tells about the formation of Islamic civilization.

House of Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum

The Sheikh's building is located in Heritage Village. Within the walls of the object is a museum. Historical and documentary evidence relating to the history of Dubai and the Emirates as a whole is presented.

Here you will learn about the activities of pearl divers, see wooden boats, get acquainted with the facts that took place in the history of the country before it became an oil state.

  • When to visit: those who are interested in the history of the country come here. It is better to combine a walk through the Heritage Village and a trip to the museum. So you save time.

  • Recommendation: by all means go down to the embankment. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of Al Fahidi.

Dubai Creek

This is the name given to the strait. It seems to cut off a significant area of ​​Dubai from the peninsula. It was in this part that those who began to develop local lands once settled. Fishermen, pearl divers settled in the desert area. This place is called the foundation point of Dubai.

  • When to visit: choose morning or evening. So, you will not suffer from the scorching sun.

  • Tip: View the bay from a taxi boat. Boat trips are organized here. The ticket price is reasonable. You will not spend a lot and get a lot of emotions.

Dolphin Bay

This institution is included in the list of the best dolphinariums in the world. It is equipped with the latest technology. Great performances are organized here. Be sure to visit the show with the kids. You will not see such a sight anywhere else.

In addition, here you can swim in the pools, go diving. The best option for a family, active holiday.

  • When to visit: any time, if the local beaches are already tired, and the children require entertainment.

  • Recommendation: Creek Park is located right there. Come in here. Ride camels and ponies. Children will be delighted, and you will not resist the temptation and be sure to perch on a handsome two-humped man.

Deira region

When you come to the Deira region, you get the impression that you are in two eras at once. Antiquity and modernity miraculously coexist and harmoniously combine with each other.

Here you will see old boats used by local merchants and mirrored skyscrapers propping up the sky with their vaults.

  • When to visit: Suggested walking, dhow boat ride available. Make sure the weather conditions are suitable for spending time outdoors.

  • Recommendation: We recommend staying in this place. Prices for hotel rooms are quite affordable. It is not as noisy here as in other parts of Dubai.

Spice Market (Deira Grand Souk)

The most “fragrant” sight of Dubai. Comparable to the Istanbul market, but the difference is still noticeable. Here are collected all the spices and seasonings of the world. You will be satisfied with visiting this place.

In general, a walk through the market will allow you to get acquainted with the mentality and culture of the Arabs. People come here to drink a cup of coffee and learn local news. It's noisy, crowded, it's an atmospheric place. You will never forget your feelings.

  • When to visit: head here in the evening or early morning. At this time there are fewer people. Sellers will gladly give you a discount.

  • Recommendation: want to get a non-standard recipe for an Arabic dish? Local merchants will certainly share the secrets of culinary art with you and tell you which spices are ideal for the dish.

Al-Mamzar Beach and Park

A visit does not require any investment. This is a free place. The complex consists of two parts: park and beach area. Sunbeds are provided free of charge. This is the best vacation option for those tourists who are on a budget.

  • When to visit: Arrive early while the sunbeds are free and the park is less crowded. Locals also come here to relax.

  • Recommendation: The Deira area (neighborhood) has the most budget hotels. Book a room and enjoy your vacation.

Etihad Museum

The object belongs to the sights of the present. The opening took place in 2017. The collections make it possible to trace the path of the history of the formation of the state. We know that the fragmented parts not so long ago became a single whole.

The building itself, where the expositions are located, deserves attention. The roof, made in the form of a sheet of paper, symbolizes the declaration. The document legalized the unification of countries. 7 decorating columns represent the number of states that are part of the UAE.

  • When to visit: Evening time is good for photography. The building is beautifully illuminated against the backdrop of sunset. It is better to see the collections early, when the rooms are not so crowded.

  • Recommendation: children will be bored here, unless only your offspring are interested in world history.

Jumeirah Mosque

As a rule, those who do not adhere to the canons of Islam are reluctantly allowed inside mosques. But you can visit this shrine without hindrance. Jumeirah completes the list of the most beautiful mosques in the world. It is built of pink stone.

Perhaps the Muslim symbol will seem familiar to you. The fact is that this monastery is a copy of the Egyptian Al-Azhar. The mosque is located in Cairo.

  • When to visit: Tours are organized here. Coordinate the time of the visit with the guides. During the program you will learn a lot of interesting things.

  • Recommendation: Respect other people's customs. Choose the appropriate attire for your visit. Do not smoke near attractions. Arabs have a negative attitude towards tobacco. Especially if they see a representative of the fair sex with a cigarette.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

You will find yourself in a real Arabian fairy tale. All buildings are made in traditional oriental style. It seems that Aladdin is about to peek out from behind the bushes or a beautiful oriental beauty will appear at the door.

The water park has 23 attractions. Some of them deserve special attention. Try, for example, Jumeirah Sceirah.  The speed when descending the hill reaches 80 km/h. This is the most favorite entertainment of extreme sportsmen.

  • When to visit: during the tourist season, it is not crowded here. Guests of the country prefer to spend time on the beaches. 

  • Recommendation: The Breakers Bay wave pool is impressive. You will never see a tank like this again. Don't miss the chance to swim and have an exciting experience.  

Burj Al Arab (Sail) Hotel

Perhaps the most original building in the world. The building is made in the format of an old boat. It is located on an artificial island. It was built specifically for this purpose.

“Sail” – the owner of 7 stars. The high status of the hotel was awarded by the owners themselves. They considered that the standard set was not enough to reflect all the advantages of the hotel.

The housing stock is impressive. The hotel has over two hundred rooms, the “smallest” room is only 169 m². Any of the rooms is worthy of admiration. The decoration of the rooms strikes with luxury and wealth. Everywhere gilding, marble, mosaic.

  • When to visit: Come here in the afternoon or late afternoon. The building looks great against the backdrop of sunset. This is the perfect place for a photo shoot.

  • Recommendation: We understand that the budget may not allow you to stay in this luxury hotel. But you must see it. “Sail” has become a kind of hallmark of the city. It is included in all guidebooks.

Madinat Jumeirah Oasis

This is the name of the shopping and entertainment complex. It is built on the water. Guests seem to be given the opportunity to find themselves in Venice for a moment.

The complex is rich in various cafes. Gourmets will love it here. You will try national dishes and drinks. And if you get bored, take a boat trip or go shopping.

  • When to visit: If you come to Dubai in February, be sure to visit this complex. Here, as elsewhere, the time of discounts begins.

  • Recommendation: If you are looking for original souvenirs, visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Here they sell silverware, elegant shawls, purses adorned with precious stones, and much more.

The Palm Jumeirah

This is an artificial island. It is made in the form of a palm tree with sixteen branches. This is how the island will appear if you look at it from above.

“Vetvi” is built up with expensive villas. The richest people in the country live here. Mere mortals are not allowed here.

There are 60 beach areas in the upper part of the island. Paid entrance. But you don't have to regret spending money. Service: top notch.

  • When to visit: Any time you have free time. From Dubai, you can get here by monorail. It connects the island with the city.

  • Tip: Contact the tour desk. Guides organize a route to the legendary island. You will be amazed by the luxury and splendor. The Palm Jumeirah is a symbol of wealth.

Dubai Marina

The area is a concentration of skyscrapers. It is designed for 120 thousand inhabitants. Channels, berths, embankments are equipped here.

There is something American about the area. Many tourists compare the place with Chicago. One of the streets is decorated with clouds. Against the backdrop of the scenery, local residents and guests of the city like to be photographed.

  • When to visit: no restrictions. If you want new experiences or are already tired of the oriental style, take a walk around the area.

  • Recommendation: This grandiose project should not be overlooked. Excursion support will allow you to learn many interesting facts about the sights.

Marina Beach

A popular place among Russians. The beach is equipped with everything you need, there are cafes. It has only one drawback: it is always crowded and noisy here. The fact is that you don’t have to pay to visit the beach area. Entrance is available to everyone. Both guests of Dubai and locals come here.

  • When to visit: Choose the beach if you're on a budget.

  • Recommendation: There are budget hotel options nearby. You can stay here and always have access to the beach for free.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta is an early 14th century traveler. The biographical facts of this Arab formed the basis of the shopping center project.

It is included in the list of the best attractions in the UAE and Dubai, although in fact it is the focus of branded stores. But even if you do not consider yourself a shopaholic, be sure to visit this place.

Each room is decorated in the format of a palace. The style of the countries visited by the traveler has been preserved in the premises. Try to determine for yourself: what lands did Ibn Battuta visit?

  • When to visit: Go here during the day. Most of the tourists stay at this time on the beach. You will be able to explore each attraction in detail.

  • Recommendation: each room has its own iconic symbol. In the Chinese hall, for example, you will see a magnificent junk vessel. This is a twenty meter boat. All halls are equipped with similar features. Fill up your albums with new photos.

Dubai Parks and Resorts and its facilities

Huge entertainment complex. Plunge into the fairy-tale world of childhood for a few hours. Even adult tourists come here.

Note that the complex consists of several objects. Legoland Dubai is considered a children's area. Visitors with children come here.

A visit to Motiongate will give a thrilling experience to fans of Hollywood action movies. Attractions are suitable for thrill-seekers.

And the Bollywood area is decorated in Indian style. All those who are not indifferent to the films of Indian filmmakers come here.

  • When to visit: Plan a day to visit before you travel and stick to your schedule.

  • Recommendation: check the poster and current prices on the official website of the park. So, you can figure out how much you are willing to spend.

Mall of the Emirates

This is a budget mall. It is here that Russian tourists most often come. Prices are affordable, taking into account the fact that even branded items can be bought here.

In addition, those who wish can visit the cinema, admire the dancing fountain and even go skiing.

  • When to visit: in January-February, discounts begin to operate in stores and boutiques. At this time, there are the best prices in the city.

  • Recommendation: over 60 restaurants and cafes operate here. Be sure to stop by and try the best oriental sweets and drinks.

Ski Dubai

Located in the shopping mall described above. The area of ​​the complex is 22 thousand square meters. meters. This is the only place in the Middle East where you can go skiing.

Snow is produced using special equipment. He is real. It's so amazing to hold a handful of snow in your palms when the sun shines outside the window!

Children will also like it here. They can fight in the snow, go sledding and see real penguins.

  • When to visit: The ski complex is open all year round. There are no restrictions on visiting.

  • Recommendation: You don't have to take care of the necessary equipment. Snowboards, sleds, skis are available for rent. Equipped with 4 slopes of different difficulty levels. Both professionals and beginners can ride here. It would be great to learn how to ski in one of the hottest countries in the world!

IMG Worlds of Adventure

An iconic attraction. The amusement park can be visited by the whole family. There is something for everyone here.

Reviews from tourists say that they really enjoyed flying over Dubai with Spider-Man, a fun company of Marvel characters and a lot of attractions.

  • When to visit: come here when the beach vacation is pretty boring. Spend time fun and carefree.

  • Recommendation: visit the hall, stylized as the Mesozoic era. You will learn what our planet looked like in the era of dinosaurs. It will appeal to middle-aged and older children.

Atlantis Hotel

This is a landmark of the Palm Jumeirah. The opening of the resort complex belongs to the first decade of the new century. The authors of the project were inspired by the legend of the sunken Atlantis.

Inside the building, you will see frescoes with stories of history, figures of deities, artifacts conditionally obtained from the disappeared mainland.

There are 17 restaurants here. Guests are satisfied with the proposed menu. The fitness room is open. Those who wish can go through a wellness program using the most modern devices.

  • When to visit: Best option: Stay here for a few days. You will not depend on weather conditions, bus schedules and fully enjoy all the programs offered.

  • Recommendation: even those who do not live in the hotel can get inside. Book, for example, tables at a local restaurant.

Dubai Golden Frame

One of the ultra-modern attractions. It is located in Zabil Park. Over $60 million was spent on the construction of the structure. The golden frame has already become a significant symbol of Dubai. It's in guidebooks.

The object is a huge photo frame. Do you want to get an unusual picture? Be sure to come to Zabil Park. There are many more interesting places here.

  • When to visit: The site is open daily. Opening hours: from 9 am to 21 pm.

  • Tip: Don't limit yourself to looking at the structure. There are viewing platforms at the top. You can reach them with the help of an elevator. In addition, there are interactive museums, souvenir shops and an entertainment show room.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

The object is located in the shopping center. This is a stunning attraction. The oceanarium is in the TOP of the largest tanks with marine life.

Visitors enter a huge tunnel. Through the transparent walls they observe the life of marine life. It seems that you are with fish and sharks in the ocean. Bright sensations are guaranteed. Over 30 thousand sea creatures live here, and the aquarium itself occupies 2 floors.

This place is considered the most popular among all tourists in the world.

  • When to visit: The aquarium is open daily. In the second half of the week, the facility is open for an hour longer. It works until 11 pm. It's not worth it to come here early. Visitors are not accepted until 10 am.

  • Tip: Water immersion is available at an additional cost. Several programs have been developed. Choose according to age and your own diving experience.

Safa Park

Once upon a time, the poorest classes of Dubai lived here. But over time, everything has changed. Skyscrapers were erected here, and a magnificent green area was equipped in the middle of the stone skyscrapers.

The park is located near the most famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You can combine visits if you wish.

The park is full of various flowers, bushes and exotic trees. The picture is complemented by numerous water channels that will lead you to a beautiful lake.

The main attraction is the flower labyrinth. It is huge and magnificent. Try to find a way out!

  • When to visit: The park is open until 10pm. But you can come here on a hot afternoon. Plants keep cool. The sun's rays will not bother you.

  • Recommendation: there are a lot of small cafes in the park area. You can spend the whole day in nature and not think about snacking. Prices in establishments are available.

Dubai Safari Park

The zoo, equipped on the site of an old menagerie, amazed the world. It is home to 3,000 animals and over 250 species of birds. The total area is 119 hectares.

Employees make every effort to make residents feel comfortable.

Here you will see rare animals, such as the white lion, or get acquainted with valuable reptile species. A separate area is equipped for children, where they can communicate with harmless little animals more closely.

  • When to visit: The zoo is open daily. It works from 9 am to 5 pm. Better come to the opening. So you will have time to get to know all the animals.

  • Recommendation: The outdoor theater deserves special attention. It is located on the territory of the zoo. Go to the show. The main participants are animals.

Holidays in Dubai are incomparable. You will see the most luxurious attractions in the world. Almost all of them made it to the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. Give yourself and your loved ones a magical journey into the fantastic world of fairy tales. Here, even the unreal is possible.

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