What to see in autumn in Sochi

What to see in autumn in Sochi

In mid-autumn, Sochi will host a big sports festival: the resort city hosts the IRONSTAR triathlon competitions for the eighth time in a row. From October 7 to 9, as part of the IRONSTAR SOCHI SIRIUS 2022 festival, open water swims, the STARKIDS children's race, the IRONLADY women's race, competitions for amateurs at various triathlon distances, as well as the Russian Triathlon Championship for professional athletes will be held. All competitions are held on the federal territory of Sirius: swimming – in the bay of the Imeretinsky port, cycling – on the Adler – Krasnaya Polyana track, running stage – on the Imeretinskaya embankment. And after the festival, you should stay in the resort capital of Russia and extend the summer for at least a few days: in October it is still warm here, there is a lot of sun, fruits and all-season entertainment. We tell you what else is interesting about autumn Sochi.

Sirius Federal Territory

The stadiums of the Olympic Park, the attractions of Sochi Park, the planetarium, the endless promenade and white sand beaches – all this is Sirius. During the day you can stroll to the unusual architectural structures of the Olympic Park, and in the evening you can admire the illumination of the Big Ice Palace and the colorful show at the light and music fountain. Children will be interested in Sochi Park with a 60-meter Ferris wheel, a huge sandbox, a water play area and extreme slides. In autumn it is quite comfortable here: the heat subsides, there are fewer tourists, there are no long queues.

Mount Akhun

To see Sochi, Adler, the Black Sea coast and the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains at a glance, it is worth climbing Mount Big Akhun, where the highest observation deck of the resort, the Akhun Tower, is located. The mountain is located in the Khostinsky district, about 20 km from the center of Sochi, and the most convenient way to get there is with a guided tour. From a height of 700 m, breathtaking views of the picturesque surroundings of the Black Sea resort open up.

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City parks and gardens

The beginning of October is the best time to walk through gardens and parks, delighting the eye with bright colors of autumn foliage. In the Sochi Arboretum, you can admire the golden hues of the plants of the Japanese Garden, the flowering of chrysanthemums and oleanders, and the emerald cypress groves.

The spacious landscape park “Southern Cultures” at the Imereti resort is alleys of Himalayan cedars and magnolias, thickets of bamboo, a network of intertwining paths, decorative ponds with bridges and islands. In the very center of Sochi, near the Winter Theatre, there is a small cozy park “Phytofantasy”, where plants from all over the world bloom all year round.

Yew-boxwood grove

You can see colorful autumn in all its glory in the yew-boxwood grove, a nature reserve located not far from Khosta, on the slope of Mount Akhun. This is a unique corner of an ancient relict forest, where hundreds of species of prehistoric trees and shrubs have been preserved: in addition to evergreen yew and boxwood, centuries-old oaks and beeches, lindens and maples, hornbeam and holly grow here. Routes of varying difficulty are laid along the grove, along the way you can see canyons, caves and the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Tesla Museum

There are many interesting museums in Sochi, from traditional to experimental ones. On a rainy day, connoisseurs of museum classics should look into a historical or art museum, and lovers of everything new and unusual should visit the Mechanical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci or the Electrical Museum of Nikola Tesla. The interactive exposition of the latter will be of interest to both children and adults: here everyone can take part in experiments with electricity, see the bright show “Lord of Lightning”, get acquainted with the work of an electromagnetic reducer and enter the “Cage of Fear”, which is hit by electric discharges.


For adrenaline, thrills and dizzying impressions, head to the Skypark in the Akhtyrsky Gorge. Walk on the Skybridge suspension bridge, fly over the abyss on the world's highest swing, bungee jump from a height of 207 m into the gorge, ride a super-fast zip line and zipline – these are entertainments for the most daring. More relaxing attractions for the whole family are the Mowgli Rope Park, the climbing wall, and the bungee jumping history museum.

Water parks

In October, the sea water begins to cool down gradually, and if swimming in the sea is no longer too comfortable, you can go to one of the many water parks in Sochi. Some of them work all year round: for example, Aqualoo in Loo, Galaktika and Mountain Beach in Krasnaya Polyana. Aqualoo has many slides of different heights, a pool with artificial waves and a children's water town. Mountain Beach is more suitable for a measured rest: a sandy beach is equipped under a transparent dome, you can visit a salt cave, a sauna and a spa. “Galaktika” is famous for its outdoor area, where the heated pool offers an impressive view of the snow-capped mountains.


On a cool autumn day, you can go from Sochi to neighboring Abkhazia: high mountains protect it from cold winds, and the beach season here lasts until mid-October. Clean beaches, ancient temples and fortresses, majestic gorges and wooded mountain slopes, painted in all shades of red and yellow, and, of course, the emerald lake Ritsa framed by mountain peaks – the fabulous landscapes of autumn Abkhazia will impress even the most experienced traveler.

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