What to do in Kaliningrad in the summer

What to do in Kaliningrad in summer

At the end of July, Kaliningrad meets the IRONSTAR triathlon competitions: on the 23rd there will be competitions for amateurs at two triathlon distances, the day before – the IRONLADY women's race and the STARKIDS children's race. The main program includes swimming in the Baltic Sea, a cycling race on the Primorskoye Koltso federal highway and a running stage on the picturesque Zelenogradsk embankment. And after the competition, you should definitely stay on the Baltic coast: summer in the westernmost city of Russia and its environs is a great time not only for sports, but also for relaxation. We tell you how to spend a few unforgettable days in the warm summer Kaliningrad.

Listen to the organ in the Cathedral

The Cathedral on Kant Island is a visiting card of Kaliningrad and the only ancient building in the historical center of the city. The philosopher Immanuel Kant is buried near the walls of the majestic building, a historical museum operates inside, and an unusual “Sculpture Park” is located nearby. Organ mini-concerts are held daily in the cathedral: under the vaults of the temple, both famous works and rare works by composers from different eras are heard. In the evenings several times a month organists from other cities of Russia perform in the concert hall.

Take a walk around the old Koenigsberg

The most picturesque corners of Kaliningrad are Amalienau and Maraunenhof: although the city was heavily destroyed during the war, the old German buildings and the atmosphere of the past have been preserved in these quarters. Luxurious villas and mansions of the early 20th century, immersed in the lush greenery of gardens, and Art Nouveau gingerbread houses on the shores of Lake Superior have survived here. And on the Tenistaya Alley, you can see the oldest building in Kaliningrad, the Yudditen Church, built in the 13th century. Now it is occupied by the Orthodox Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

Drink tea at Altes House

In Amalienau, you should not only take a walk along the old streets, but also look into the most chamber and cozy museum in Kaliningrad – Altes House. The museum-apartment is located in a house built in 1912, and in its authentic interiors the life and life of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries are recreated. Here you can literally move to a bygone era: sit on an antique chair, hold a book from the century before last, turn on a gramophone, try on vintage clothes, drink tea from porcelain cups that are over 100 years old, and listen to stories about old Koenigsberg. All exhibits of Altes House are authentic things from the past, found in old attics or bought at flea markets and European auctions.

Try marzipan

A sweet mass made from almond flour and sugar syrup is the culinary symbol of Kaliningrad. There are two Marzipan Museums in the city: one is located in the Youth Park, the other is in the Brandenburg Gate. The first one works on weekends, and here they hold tastings and master classes in sculpting and painting marzipan figurines. The second one is open daily: it tells visitors about the history of the almond delicacy and shows marzipan copies of the architectural monuments of Koenigsberg. The museum has a shop where you can buy sweet souvenirs.

Search for amber on the Curonian Spit

Another local symbol is solar amber: the past and present of the city are closely connected with the extraction and processing of petrified tree resin. You can admire the jewelry made from it at the Amber Museum near the Rossgarten Gates, but it is much more interesting to look for amber yourself on the Curonian Spit, which stretches not far from Kaliningrad. It’s good to get here for the whole day: wander through the velvet sand dunes and the mysterious Dancing Forest, swim in the warm Curonian Lagoon, sunbathe on the spacious beaches, watch flocks of migratory birds and, of course, take a piece of amber found on the Baltic coast with you as a keepsake.

Relax on the best beach in Russia

The pride of the Kaliningrad region is comfortable beaches with fine light sand, calm seas and developed infrastructure. And the beaches of the village of Yantarny are rightfully considered the best in the country: two of them received the Blue Flag for impeccable cleanliness. It is really pleasant to relax here: a wide coastal strip with soft sand stretches along the Baltic Sea, the entrance to the sea is convenient and safe, there are umbrellas, sun loungers, children's and sports grounds on the shore, cafes and bars are open, lifeguards are on duty. The beach season on the Baltic Sea is short: you can swim here only in July and August, when the water warms up to 21 degrees.

Climb the lighthouse

Arriving in Kaliningrad, you can’t miss the Museum of the World Ocean: in a huge museum complex you can see not only traditional expositions, but also visit on real sea ships – the Vityaz research vessel, the fishing trawler, the Viktor Patsaev space communications ship, and even on a submarine.

There are many interesting things in the schedule of summer excursions: visitors are offered a walk along the Pregola River, tea drinking at the Royal Gates and a bus tour to the old lighthouse in the village of Zalivino. On the way to the lighthouse, they tell about the nature and history of the amber region, and magnificent panoramas of the Curonian Lagoon open up from the high tower, to which a spiral staircase of granite leads.

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