What to do if the flight is delayed? Can I claim money from the airline?

What should I do if my flight is delayed? Can I demand money from the airline?


Keep receipts for expenses

Not everyone knows that it is quite realistic to compensate for expenses, such as food and drinks, while you are forced to wait for your flight at the airport. Make sure you have all your airport purchase receipts, — this will help in trying to claim a refund from the airline. However, airlines only pay for “reasonable” expenses, so you are unlikely to get money back for purchases such as alcohol, expensive meals or the “presidential suite” at the hotel.

Specify your rights as a passenger

If your flight is delayed, you may be eligible for compensation or a refund, so take the time to review your passenger rights. In the event of delayed flights departing from the European Union (EU), you are almost 100 percent protected. If your flight is delayed more than two hours for flights under 1,500 km, three hours for flights 1,500–3,500 km, and four hours for flights over 3,500 km, the airline must take care of you.

< p>In the event of a flight delay outside the EU, your rights will vary and depend on the airline's terms and conditions, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before arriving at the airport. By the way, not all countries pay for delays. Strangely, in the US, for example, airlines are not required to compensate passengers in the event of delayed or canceled flights.

Contact airline support

As soon as you become aware of your flight delay, contact the airline's customer service. It's important to note that flight delays that are out of the airline's control may void your right to compensation, so be sure to check the circumstances before attempting to file a claim or complaint. Customer Service should also provide you with advice on the first steps to take right away.

Don't panic

Flight delays are no doubt stressful and an unpleasant situation, but staying calm can help prevent further inconsistencies. Be kind to those around you, whether they are fellow travelers or airline employees, as everyone involved feels overwhelmed by the current situation.

Shop Duty Free

Modern airports are filled with duty-free shops large and small, as well as souvenir shops and favorite designer brands . If you have free time, why not take advantage of great deals and do some shopping. Or just don't try to compare prices with “regular” prices.

Arrive at the airport prepared

For any flight delay, it's important to arrive at the airport prepared with essentials such as an extra change of clothes, snacks, drinks, phone chargers, toiletries and entertainment. We recommend bringing an eye mask and ear plugs so you can rest while you wait for your flight.

Read a book

Great way to pass the time — immerse yourself in a good book, forgetting about what is happening around. If you don't have your own, check out any of the books for sale at the airport?

Explore the airport

If you can't leave the airport, because the delay is declared not so long, take the time to explore the facilities of your airport. At first glance, the idea is so-so, but try it. Modern airports are designed in such a way as to provide a good rest for passengers: cafes and restaurants, luxurious waiting rooms, winter gardens, spas, cinemas and even swimming pools. 

Learn more about the destination

It is likely that you have already familiarized yourself with the future route, but why not spend time exploring the lesser known sights. Determine the purpose of your trip by asking yourself questions such as: “What are the top three things I want to see?” or “What new foods do I want to try?” Surely you will learn a lot of new and interesting things.

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