What to do if on vacation in Egypt I encountered a marine reptile: first aid

What to do if on vacation in Egypt I encountered a marine reptile: first aid

The article provides recommendations that are applicable only in cases where medical assistance is not available. In case of any contact with dangerous animals or plants, seek medical attention immediately.

The underwater world of the Red Sea is incredibly bright and tempting: sometimes you really want to touch all this beauty that floats by or grows at the bottom. But in no case should you do this: many of the marine inhabitants of Egypt are poisonous (here we write about the 12 most dangerous ones). If it was not possible to avoid contact with a stingray, lionfish, jellyfish or other dangerous creatures, the Subtleties will tell you what to do in the first minutes after such an unsuccessful meeting. Of course, after the doctor was called.

7. Stingray

Thorn Strike Stingraycan cause severe pain, and the poison contained in the thorns can cause intoxication, fever, muscle paralysis and other unpleasant symptoms. To minimize them, the wound should be immediately washed with plenty of sea water. If the stingray stung in the leg or arm, you need to apply a tight bandage above the injection site and lower the limb into hot water (about +45 ° C) for 0.5–1.5 hours. If the injection occurred in other places, a hot compress should be applied. And in all cases, you should immediately consult a doctor.

6. Starfish

Acanthaster– the only poisonous starfish that can be found in the waters or on the coast of Egypt. It is easy to recognize it by its eight rays covered with needles: other stars usually have five of them. Burns from the touch of acanthaster should be treated: remove the remnants of the needles with tweezers, place the affected area of ​​the body in hot water, and then treat with an antiseptic. Antibiotics may be required later. 6krg2j2p7i4gsoookcgg0k004.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What to do if on vacation in Egypt I encountered a marine reptile: first aid

5. Sea urchin

If sea urchin needles have stuck into the skin, the main advice is simple: go to the doctor to extract them. If for some reason a doctor is not available right now, first carefully examine the place where they got: in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe joint or deep into the muscles? If only soft tissues are affected, pour plenty of alcohol-containing liquid (perfume, alcohol, etc.) on the injection site for disinfection, and 5-7% vinegar solution or lemon juice to dissolve the needles. Gently tap the injection site with a hard object (bottle, stone) to crush the needles, and again pour lemon juice. Squeeze out the broken needles and treat the wound with a disinfectant. 8 fish that are most often found in Egypt under water: let's get acquainted.

4. Poisonous Fish

Encounters with Lionfish and Rockfish(warty) are dangerous: their thorns and needles contain a strong poison, so you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Before this, you should wash the wound with sea water, then with fresh water and soap, remove the spikes from it and treat it with hydrogen peroxide. Half-hour hot compresses or hot baths with salt will help neutralize the poison of the lionfish. Serum will save you from wart poison – you need to go to the hospital for it. f550x700/4m/hy/4mhybns9yao08kw0okw04s0g4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What to do if on vacation in Egypt I encountered a marine reptile: first aid

3. Jellyfish

Unfortunate to come into contact with this slippery lady? Do not panic: this is not the most dangerous inhabitant of the Red Sea. Remove the remnants of the tentacles with tweezers, rinse the affected area with salty sea water and wipe with half a lemon. To reduce pain, apply ice to the burn site, to quickly remove toxins, drink plenty of clean fresh water.

2. Corals and sponges

Touching some corals and sponges can cause burns that are painful, but fortunately not too dangerous (with the exception of severe allergic reactions in some people). It is important to disinfect the burns: first rinse with salty sea water, then with an alcohol-containing liquid or vinegar solution, apply a healing agent. Applying ice, taking a painkiller will help relieve pain. Divers told about the most terrible dives and underwater encounters.

1. Cone

A completely harmless-looking mollusk called conehides a small harpoon tooth under its elegant shell: it contains a concentrate of toxins that can be deadly to humans. If such a harpoon has flown into you, put a tight bandage on the affected area and do not move the affected part of the body, then, if possible, remove the harpoon tooth with tweezers – and, of course, consult a doctor urgently. When meeting with a poisonous creature, it is important to immediately get out of the water: sometimes poisons and pain shock cause loss of consciousness, in this state it is easy to choke even in shallow water. If you have a predisposition to allergic reactions, be sure to take an antihistamine to minimize the risk. And even after a medical examination, if the condition worsens, immediately go to the hospital.

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