What kind of camping equipment can I take on a plane?

What camping equipment can I take on a plane?

So, the tent can be carried on the plane in checked baggage or in hand luggage. However, when carrying it in hand luggage, you must comply with the rules of the airline — make sure the tent fits under the front seat or on the top shelf. 

But the poles and stakes for the tent in any case will have to be checked in as luggage. The reason is that these accessories can easily be used as a safety hazard on an airplane. They are simply confiscated when passing through control, if they are not handed over in time during check-in for the flight. 

Also note that each airline has its own carry-on weight restrictions. Read your fare rules carefully again to make sure you don't exceed any limits. Some tents, such as multi-room tents, are only suitable for check-in baggage, possibly even oversized ones, for which you will be asked to pay extra.

Sleeping bags, pillows and rugs, subject to weight and size restrictions, are allowed in the cabin. But the equipment for inflating the pillow — pump — will have to be checked in. Unless, of course, it's inline.

Camping stoves are allowed in hand luggage. The only requirement — they must be clean and free of fuel residues or vapors. It is better not to take the stove in luggage, because it is fragile, easily damaged and deformed. Camping utensils should not be a problem when boarding. 

Trekking poles are 100 percent of the time sent to the luggage compartment.

Flashlights are allowed both in the cabin and in the checked suitcase.

Only one reusable lighter or a box of safety matches may be carried in carry-on baggage. Attention: it is strictly forbidden to check them in luggage. All-weather “hunting” matches will not be allowed into the passenger compartment or into luggage.

For safety reasons, household knives are allowed to be transported only in the luggage compartment. They must be carefully wrapped beforehand.

Travel equipment that is not allowed to be taken on board the aircraft neither in hand luggage nor in checked baggage: 

Protective agents against wild animals, such as “bear spray”. Since it is highly flammable, it cannot be carried in hand luggage or in a checked bag. The best option — buy goods on the spot.

Fuel for the stove — Another combustible item that is not allowed to be carried on an airplane either in the cabin or in luggage. 

Fire starting devices, such as FireSteel made of magnesium alloy, are not allowed on the plane in any form. 

For transporting hiking equipment, it is best to use soft bags, as they practically do not break or crack on impact. However, wrap a padded suitcase or backpack with luggage wrap beforehand for extra protection. It's better to pack your bags at home, as it's cheaper than doing it at the airport.

Take pictures of your luggage before you go to the airport — if something gets lost, photos can help airport staff find it. Also, put a duplicate of the tag inside the bag, which will help a lot in identification if the outer tag comes off.

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