What holidaymakers complain about in Antalya: the main disadvantages of the resort

For many travelers, Turkish Antalya has been and remains a favorite resort. Its attractions, a large selection of hotels, beaches, shopping and entertainment centers are praised by almost everyone who has been here. True, tourists also do not forget about the minuses, although there are objectively fewer of them than pluses. “Subtleties” found out what the guests of the Turkish Riviera are most often dissatisfied with: there were exactly five points.

1. Expensive

Compared to the same Alanya, Marmaris or Kemer, the prices for tours and hotels in Antalya are always 10-40% higher. Their high cost is associated with the fact that Antalya is the most popular and promoted of all Turkish resorts, and, as you know, you have to pay for “brands”. Tourists cannot forgive Antalya for the fact that at high prices, the service and quality of services here are by no means outstanding.

2. Unbearably hot

Many of our compatriots have developed a kind of reflex: to take vacations exclusively in July-August and then go to resorts. Although it is these months that are the least suitable for relaxing in Antalya: the suffocating heat, coupled with high humidity, makes staying here a difficult test. But instead of planning a vacation differently, tourists scold the Antalya heat.

3. Bad airport

Turkey's premier resort uncomfortably surprises some with its airport. Close, as if pressing on the head, in the season it collects huge queues, the tails of which hang right on the street. It is not always immediately clear to those arriving that there are two terminals at the airport, and not all scoreboards show all flights arriving at the air harbor. =”https://fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/3n/uw/3nuw3eusbhusg4oogskgo44gc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What vacationers complain about in Antalya: the main disadvantages of the resort

4. A lot of people

The funny thing is that vacationers complain about the huge number of their own compatriots. Residents of the former CIS countries dearly love this resort, but they behave there as they are used to at home: someone drinks a lot, someone shouts loudly (more precisely, “talks”), someone “clogs” sunbeds by the pool and breakfast tables, Yes, and he strives to get nasty. A large number of people leads to tightness on the beach, queues in hotel restaurants, amusement parks.

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5. The behavior of the locals

One of the main factors that, according to tourists, spoils the whole impression of the rest. Antalya barkers are characterized as aggressively intrusive, waiters – slow and unfriendly, cafe owners – striving to include in the bill what tourists did not order, or what was not initially presented as a paid service. Most of all goes to street, market and shop sellers. Attempts to cheat, to name a shamelessly overpriced price, to sell goods under the guise of a free product, for which they then demand money, are only some of the sins that the guests of Antalya accuse the sellers of.

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