What happens if a passenger dies during a flight

What happens if a passenger dies during a flight

Ryanair employees spoke about what happens on board in those rare cases when one of the passengers dies in flight. Crew members, if possible, should place the body in a free row or business class and cover it with something. It is advisable to do everything quietly and quickly, without attracting the attention of others, and not to provoke unnecessary unrest.

Passengers who had to witness death on board also shared their experiences. Mrs. Sue Jackman told how her husband sat in a sleeping chair during the flight, but she could not wake him up. The woman reported the incident to the flight attendant, who found a doctor among the passengers who confirmed the death. They did not carry the deceased, they simply covered him with a blanket in an armchair, where he was all 4 hours before landing.

Dave Samwell also witnessed the death on the plane. He said. that the stewards, with the help of a special curtain, fenced off the section of seats where the body was placed. Ana Ansari recalls that once during a flight from Frankfurt to Singapore, one of the passengers died. The flight attendants vacated a row of chairs, asking everyone who was sitting nearby to move to empty seats, and covered the body with a cloth.

Last autumn, an Englishman flying to Ibiza from Manchester died of a cocaine overdose. The pilots decided to abort the flight and landed urgently at Toulouse airport.

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