What guests don't like in Moscow: prices, traffic jams and pathos

What guests don't like in Moscow: prices, traffic jams and pathos

We declare another five-minute hostility open. This time, “Subtlety” found out what irritates its guests from other cities of the country Moscow the most. Found out, found out – and found out. Just eight points.

1. Prices

Visitors to Moscow are dissatisfied with the prices of everything: tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre, excursions and the cable car on Sparrow Hills, dinners in restaurants and a visit to the observation deck in Moscow City, souvenirs in specialized stores and food in high-class stores. “The prices are simply gigantic,” travelers are indignant. Simply because they don't know where and how to save money in the capital.

2. Distances

Those who, having arrived in Moscow, unknowingly settle on the outskirts, then complain about how far it is for them to get to the main attractions. During the same time in their cities, they could travel twice from one end to the other.

3. Fraudsters

This is one of the main factors that can pretty much overshadow your acquaintance with Moscow. Visitors refer to scammers as animators dressed as “living sculptures” and insistently begging to be photographed with them. After such photos, the process of squeezing money usually begins, and prices can reach up to 1000 RUB per shot.

Also, guests of the capital are urged to beware of pickpockets, which can be found on the Arbat, in the metro and other crowded places. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/er/zn/erzni550mzcc0wo8osgo4g448.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What not like guests in Moscow: prices, traffic jams and pathos

4. Traffic jams and paid parking

Moscow traffic jams are especially frightening for those who come to the capital by car. Congestion, as a rule, begins already at the entrances to the city. And the transformation of the roadsides of almost all streets in the center into paid parking lots with prohibitive prices becomes a kind of cherry on the cake.

5. Paphos

Some are amused by this, others dedicate voluminous negative comments to the pathos indestructible in Moscow. And everyone understands by this word something of their own. The defiant behavior of young people, races in the center in a Ferrari and a slow drive along Malaya Bronnaya in a Rolls-Royce with open windows, boutiques and restaurants where it is scary to enter because the hostesses there look like assistants to the president – pathos seems to visitors on every step. And some are embarrassed that they are not up to all this coolness. /5s/9n/5s9ndv7c4nockgckogwsgkw0g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What not like guests in Moscow: prices, traffic jams and pathos

6. Unfriendly staff

He meets visitors everywhere: at counters at airports, hotels, shops. His distinguishing features are a boorish manner of speaking, unwillingness to delve into the problems of the applicant, a strong desire to cash in, slip something of poor quality or just send it. It is about the disgustingly behaving staff that guests of the capital most often write in negative comments about Moscow.

7. Queues

“It seems that we do not live in the Soviet Union,” the visitors are surprised. “So why are there such queues in Moscow?” Even the Muscovites themselves do not know the answer to this question, but they acknowledge the fact that there are queues. Most often, people stand in the canteen and for ice cream in GUM, for rides in parks, for burgers in eateries, for going through the turnstiles in the subway in the early morning on weekdays, and for the first purchases in newly opened fashion establishments.

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8. Too much

This is not only about “too many people and too many cars”, as Anatoly Novoseltsev, the hero of the film “Office Romance”, spoke about. This is about a huge number of merchants and animators trying to sell their product or service, as well as about an incredible number of attractions. Many complain that it is impossible to get around at least the most interesting of them in a short trip. And some of them are not worth attention at all, but advertised.

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