What do they think of Russians in Latin America? 10 fun facts

What do people think of Russians in Latin America? 10 fun facts

“You have bears, tanks and a lot of oil there,” little is known about Russia in Latin America: mostly it is a standard cliché about a harsh, cold country with a well-read population. Those who had a chance to get to know Russians better are surprised at our openness, straightforwardness and sense of humor. The most unexpected ideas of Latin Americans about Russians are in the selection of “Subtleties”.

  1. Russians look like Hispanics:they are just as open, hospitable, they also value family and friends. “When a company sits at the table for three hours and talks, laughs, it’s so Argentinean. To meet with friends, we do not need to coordinate anything, we just took it and went. In Europe, this is impossible, you have to warn about your visit in advance,” says Claudia from Argentina.
  1. Russians are confused with Germans:Mexicans think that when Russians talk to each other, they constantly swear – our language sounds so harsh to them. And Russians, like Germans, are considered very punctual by leisurely locals.
  2. Russians are strict and unsmiling, but at the same time cheerful and kind.“I was surprised by your humor. I used to think that all Russians are very strict, what kind of jokes are there. And sometimes I sit with my Russian friends and can’t laugh,” an Argentine Spanish teacher who moved to St. Petersburg shares her observations.
  1. Russians have a peculiar sense of humor. According to Latin Americans, the heroes of 90 out of 100 of our jokes are drunk people, while they themselves prefer to joke about doctors and politicians.
  1. Russian hardworking:they know how to work in a team, dedicate themselves to the cause and root for it with all their heart. “I live in Uruguay, and we have settlements of immigrants from Russia here. They are very hardworking, responsible, respect the law and traditions,” says Mikael from Uruguay.
  2. Russians are straightforward and tactless, but honest.In Latin America, it is not customary to say unpleasant things in the face of the interlocutor, but here they willingly discuss the shortcomings of their neighbors behind their backs. “You are more sincere. Tell me if something is wrong. Although Chileans are easy to communicate with, they can let you down,” admits Timur from Chile.
  3. Russian women are brave, they like to command. Latin Americans married to Russian women say: “We live in -soldierly. We must obey.”
  4. Russian men are handsome, but not distinguished by good mannersand do not value their women. “So tall, slender, light-eyed! But they are so rude…” says a tourist from Mexico. Latin Americans are much more reverent about women and the family – Russian wives who moved to Ecuador note.
  1. Russians are too much drink and smoke — both men and women. Communicating with our tourists, Mexicans wonder why they don't have vodka with them. According to a student from Guatemala, there is a lot of cheap alcohol in Russia, but the usual fruits are harder to find, and they are much more expensive than alcohol.
  2. Russians are very rich.All Russians in Latin America are considered wealthy people, which is quite understandable: due to expensive flights, not the poorest residents of our country most often get here.

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