What do the Japanese think about Russians: 2 misconceptions and 3 facts

What the Japanese think about Russians: 2 misconceptions and 3 facts

Russian speech reminds them of a cat's meow, and, despite the close proximity, most Japanese know very little about Russia. Frosts, vodka, borscht, beautiful girls, nesting dolls and Cheburashka are the traditional set of associations with our country, and only the most advanced read Dostoevsky, listen to Rachmaninov and watch Yuri Norshtein's cartoons. What is the attitude towards the Russians among the Japanese?

The first misconception: Japan does not like Russians and foreigners in general

You can live in Japan for many years, master the language perfectly, study the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun, but still not become your own here – this is a fact. For the Japanese, a foreigner will forever remain a foreigner. But such a detached position does not prevent them from being tolerant and friendly towards Russians, as well as towards other Europeans. In communication, they are cordial and friendly, always ready to help, answer a question, show the way. The main thing is to behave politely and not violate their rules: the Japanese do not like open disregard for their culture – and who would like that? Those who have become as close as possible to the locals are called here henna gaijin – “strange foreigner”: this is a person who does everything the same way as a Japanese, but still is not one.

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