What do the Balts think about the Russians? 5 unexpected facts

What do the Balts think about Russians? 5 unexpected facts

“The Baltics don’t like Russians,” “Russian schools are being closed,” “Russian is banned” — such loud statements can often be heard on television when it comes to the attitude of the Balts towards our compatriots. But how true is this? Meticulous “Subtleties” decided to find out what people really think about Russians in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Put “class” if you went on rest with under­pi­san­n­nil­ny karan­yes­shom che&#173 ;mo­yes­nom!

1. Russians spend a lot of money

Before the pandemic, tourists from Russia made a significant contribution to the Baltic economy. Our compatriots left huge checks in restaurants, did not skimp on tips and devastated the shelves of local stores. All this gave the inhabitants of the Baltic states a reason to consider the Russians quite wealthy and loving to live “in a big way.”

2. Russians live in the past

Only expositions in local museums remind of the times of Soviet power in the Baltic States. Even the older generation here does not like to think about life in the Soviet Union. Therefore, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are sincerely surprised by the longing for Soviet times characteristic of Russians. And it’s hard for them to understand why our compatriots review The Irony of Fate every year and keep pioneer ties on the mezzanines. /fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/am/2p/am2pxfxiwv4ksgk88g084k08g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What do Balts think about Russians? 5 Surprising Facts

3. Hospitable but not friendly

The inhabitants of the Baltic States do not like to visit. Even less do they like to invite someone to their home. But Russians are happy to visit friends and relatives and are always happy to invite friends to visit. At the same time, unlike Europeans, they do not strive to seem friendly. If you smile, then sincerely – and in this the Russians are similar to the Balts, who may also seem gloomy at first glance. //fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/77/qm/77qmkp92nc00oskk8ssw4kwwo.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What Balts think about Russians? 5 unexpected facts

4. Too noisy

The Balts are characterized by northern restraint – they are polite, calm, trying to avoid violent expression of emotions. But the Russians who came to rest “for a walk” can be quite loud. For this reason, our compatriots in the Baltics are considered too noisy and unrestrained.

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5. In general, they are the same as everyone

Contrary to popular belief, the Balts do not dislike Russians. Our tourists here are treated no worse than people from other countries. Locals will always tell you the way and help you find your way, old-timers can easily keep up a conversation in Russian, and young people will be happy to learn how to pronounce “hello”, “how are you” and “nice to meet you.”

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