What do Russian tourists dislike in Cyprus?

What don't Russian tourists like about Cyprus?

The gentle azure sea, sandy beaches, delicious food, a large selection of sweet wines and fun holidays – this sunny island seems to be created for complete relaxation and unclouded rest. But even in the Cypriot resort paradise, our compatriots find their drawbacks: for example, they believe that there are too many Russians here.

What else does the Mediterranean country upset tourists from Russia?

1. Not too clean

In resort towns, residential areas, and especially on the coast, there is practically nothing to complain about: 55 Cypriot beaches received the Blue Flag for impeccable cleanliness and a high level of service. But it is worth taking literally two steps away from popular tourist places, and the picture changes – there are wastelands around, unfinished houses, abandoned hotels, garbage at bus stops and roadsides. Spontaneous dumps are often found outside the city, and in general, only about 15% of municipal solid waste is recycled in Cyprus – this is quite a bit for Europe. “Cypriots are not accustomed to order. It’s in the order of things for them to throw cigarette butts and pieces of paper past the urn, throw water bottles right out of the car window or leave a mountain of garbage on the beach, ”our tourists share their impressions.

2. Lean Nature

Many Russians believe that there is too little greenery in Cyprus, and what is there quickly turns yellow and fades under the scorching sun, which shines almost all year round. “There is no nature here, except for sparsely planted palms, lawns and shrubs with flowers. All greenery needs constant watering, as in the UAE. It’s a little different in the mountains, but there’s nothing to admire on the coast,” vacationers write in their reviews. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/b3/cq/b3cqs9qwjugwk0c84s4o88wc0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What I don't like Russian tourists in Cyprus?

3. Heat and dust

In terms of climate, Cyprus is sometimes compared with Egypt, and not in favor of the Mediterranean island. From May to September it is quite hot here – the thermometer rises above +35 ° C, there is not a cloud in the sky, there is no rain either. But dust storms are not uncommon: a strong wind brings small particles of sand from African and Asian deserts, and breathing such air is not very pleasant and not at all useful.

4. Problems with transport

Cyprus ranks first in the world in terms of the number of cars per capita, and this is no coincidence: public transport is poorly developed here. Only buses run in cities, and most of them do not run too often – once every 2-3 hours from 6:00 to 18:00, and on Sunday there are no flights at all. Intercity buses also have inconvenient schedules, and taxi trips to attractions cost a pretty penny.

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5. High prices

Holidays in Cyprus are considered quite expensive: the prices for housing, excursions and food in restaurants do not please our vacationers. During the season, you can buy cheap local fruits and vegetables here, and even then not everywhere. Even at the end of autumn, when ripe citruses literally fall under your feet, oranges are sold three times more expensive than in neighboring Turkey. Meat and dairy products are mostly imported or made from imported raw materials, so they cost a lot – for example, a package of yogurt will cost 5 EUR. In addition, Russian tourists complain about expensive Internet and mobile communications, as well as the high cost of renting housing.

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