What do Iranians think of Russians? 5 amazing facts

What do Iranians think about Russians? 5 surprising facts

Despite the fact that Iran is not yet the most popular country among Russian travelers, they are already well known there and even know how to distinguish them from representatives of other nationalities – not so much by their appearance, but by their special manner of behavior and habits. So, according to the inhabitants of Iran, Russians can be recognized by the fact that they love alcohol, but do not like to smile. What else do the Iranians think about us, the omniscient “Subtleties” found out.

5. A little cold

This definition is the mildest of what Iranians say about Russians. Much more often, wanting to emphasize their coldness, they call Russians gloomy, angry, unfriendly. In general, the complete opposite of themselves – the Iranians. /aw/a2awbc66wmoskwwsgoko8skoo.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What do Iranians think of Russians? 5 Surprising Facts

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4. Beautiful

Inhabitants of Iran consider Russian girls especially beautiful. But Russian men can also be praised for their interesting appearance. And all because of the fact that many of them have light skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

3. Overly punctual

In Iran, as in many other warm countries, it is not customary to worry about punctuality. Local residents will definitely be late for a meeting scheduled at a certain time – and it’s good, if only for an hour. And the punctual Russian, who will angrily look at them because of this, will only be asked: “Well, why did you come on time?”.

2. The Strong and the Brave

The Iranians form this opinion about the Russians when they observe the behavior of the Russians on vacation and the actions of the Russian government on the world political arena. True, the courage of Russians on vacation often borders on recklessness. And this is no longer worthy of respect, but of condemnation, the Iranians believe.

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1. The state and the people are not the same

Most of the posts on the forums confirm that a lot of Iranians adhere to this rule. Those of them who remember the history of their country well constantly emphasize that Persia (as Iran used to be called) has always had tense relations with Russia: they competed in the Caucasus and in other regions. At some points, the confrontation continues to this day. But this, ordinary Iranians clarify, does not in any way affect their attitude towards ordinary Russians. In their country, our tourists are the same dear guests as representatives of other nationalities. Therefore, the Iranians treat Russians with respect, friendliness and openness. 4b/mi/4bmijbul106c0ckkkcg4c80c4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What do Iranians think about Russians? 5 surprising facts

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