What do Armenians think of Russians? 5 facts that will surprise you

What do Armenians think about Russians? 5 facts that will surprise you

Almost everyone knows that many Armenians regret the collapse of the USSR, consider Russia the center of Christianity and encourage mixed marriages. But what do they really think about our country? “Subtleties” collected the opinions of Armenian residents of different ages and genders from travel blogs, forums and correspondence in social networks. An interesting picture emerged.

1. They are ideal tourists

Armenians like our fellow citizens as tourists: they behave well, respect local customs, try to learn more about history and culture. This is not surprising – it is hard to resist the natural beauties and man-made sights of Armenia. And our travelers leave a lot of money in the country, which is good for the economy.

2. They are just like us

Russia and Armenia have been going hand in hand since the 11th century – the history of both countries is closely intertwined. Perhaps that is why Armenians understand Russians on the mental and cultural levels and even take us for their own. Surprisingly, even representatives of the less conservative, younger generation are talking about this. There are those who consider themselves part of the Russian world — they were born in Russia, and moved to Armenia at a conscious age.

3. They have a wonderful character

Russians are kind and sincere – they will always help, prompt, and will not leave even a stranger in trouble. The stereotype about gloomy and unfriendly people on the streets was invented by those who are familiar with our country superficially – this is what the inhabitants of Armenia who have lived in Russia for more than a week think. Although some people note some rudeness of customs officers at airports, in general, the opinion about the character of Russians is positive.

4. Their women break up families

Unexpectedly, some Armenian women would like to see fewer girls from Russia in their country. Fair-haired and light-eyed Slavs are very attractive to local men, because of them the strongest families break up. In addition, Russian women are more sociable and relaxed – Yerevan machos are crazy about our women, who are so different from their compatriots.

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< h2>5. They live in a huge country

For the inhabitants of small Armenia, the borders of our state end somewhere in the Cosmos. Of course, members of the diaspora live almost everywhere: in the south of Russia, in the central regions, in Siberia and the Urals. But their relatives can hardly imagine what it means to fly by plane for 9 hours and travel by train for a week across the territory of one state.

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