What do Arabs in the UAE think about Russians? 4 unexpected facts

What do Arabs in the UAE think about Russians? 4 unexpected facts

Tolerance towards foreigners is one of the basic values ​​of the United Arab Emirates: in a state where almost 90% of the population came from abroad, all conditions have been created for the comfortable coexistence of people from different parts of the world, and for insulting on a national or religious basis, high fines and even imprisonment. How are our compatriots perceived in this multinational and multicultural country?

1. Not very smart, but very rich

The mysterious Russian soul is often judged by locals by the behavior of Russians who are willing to spend money, not counting, in a variety of situations – from buying street fast food to buying a luxury villa. Such a carefree attitude to the material side of life does not fit even the well-to-do and wealthy Arabs, so they consider Russians fabulously rich and not very reasonable. Sellers of gold jewelry are especially convinced of this: they are so persistent in offering their goods that it is almost impossible to resist the temptation.

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4. Between the British and the Indians

Expats who have settled in the UAE note that Arabs have an unspoken hierarchy in hiring. Above all, the British and Americans are valued here – even if in their homeland they earned unskilled labor. Next come immigrants from European and neighboring Arab countries, and only then – Russians. Due to faulty English, Russians are practically not hired for senior positions, and most often they work in trade, catering, real estate agencies or open their own business. But Indians and Filipinos work, as a rule, at construction sites or in the service sector.

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