What day of the week is best for air travel and vice versa?

Which day of the week is best for air travel and vice versa?

Before booking flights, you need to consider whether it is really necessary to start a trip on the weekend. Perhaps it is worth changing the original plans and moving them a couple of days. An analysis of more than 4.5 million customer feedback forms that were at airports in 30 countries showed the most correct options.

So, it turned out that the worst day of the week to start a trip &mdash ; Sunday. On this day, the most dissatisfied — their mood was ruined.

The best day to fly, according to the report, was Wednesday. On this day, the level of happiness was the highest — 84.6 percent. 

The study also showed what time of day it is optimal to fly. Midnight flights were the worst — satisfaction level, or “happiness index” amounted to only 77.3 percent.

And at the top of happiness, tourists feel at 8 am — 86.6 percent are satisfied with the flight process.

So, drawing a conclusion. The most correct and potentially safe option — book your first morning flight in the middle of the week.

Forget about the last flight on Sunday.

Besides, flying earlier almost always means less chance of flight delays or cancel it. 

Another argument: in the case of overbooking, an earlier flight has an advantage: the airline has more options to transfer unsuccessful passengers to the next plane.

Finally, in the late afternoon, the air warms up more from the sun's rays, which is likely to lead to turbulence. Are you comfortable with turbulence?

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