What can you buy in Turkey for 100 rubles now?

  • Strawberries.In June of this year, strawberries were sold in Turkish markets for 15 TRY per 1 kg, which means 100 rubles. enough for 2 kilos. In Russia, you can't even buy a kilogram for this money.
  • Dried fruits. In bazaars they are sold by weight, in supermarkets – in small packages. For a hundred, you can buy about 300 g of dried apricots, a pound of raisins, 200 g of dates, 250 g of figs.
    1. Chocolate in Turkey now it is much cheaper than in Russia: a Nestle bar costs about 10 TRY, Milka – 12-16 TRY, Toblerone – 20 TRY, so it is quite possible to meet a hundred.
    2. Coca-Cola . In Russia, a hundred is only enough for a liter bottle, and 2 liters of this drink cost 168 RUB. But in Turkey you can take your soul away – here 2.5 liters will cost only 20 TRY.
    3. Honey. A jar of honey weighing 200 g costs from 30 to 100 TRY, and for a hundred rubles you can buy the most inexpensive, floral one — at a price of 27–35 TRY.
    1. Turkish coffee is a popular souvenir: it has a rich aroma and a pleasant taste. The leading Turkish manufacturer is Mehmet Efendi Kurukahveci. One hundred rubles is enough for 100 g: this package costs 14 TRY. For 13 TRY you can buy Hisar Kahve 1928 coffee, which is preferred by locals, for 20 TRY you can buy Kocatepe Dibek coffee.
    2. Oriental sweets.For a hundred, you can buy a package of Turkish delight, tahini halva or sesame-covered peanuts: the prices for these sweets range from 6 to 20 TRY, depending on the type of sweetness and weight.

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  • Spices. Gift sets with spices are most profitable to buy in markets or souvenir shops. They are more expensive in supermarkets, but even there you can afford some cloves (12 TRY for 15 g), ground black pepper (16 TRY for 70 g), sesame seeds (13 TRY for 80 g), cinnamon (15 TRY for 50 g) .
  • Teaware.Of course, a hundred is not enough for a Turku or a set of coffee cups, but you can buy a set of 6 armudu tea cups for 26–30 TRY.
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