What Aeroflot passengers complain about (except prices)

What Aeroflot passengers complain about (except prices)

Even before 2020, Aeroflot owned more than 50% of air transportation in the Russian Federation, both on foreign and domestic routes. The company received the most budget money allocated to support the aviation industry during the pandemic years. In 2022, the state just as unambiguously made it clear that it would be Aeroflot, as the flagship Russian airline, that it would “save” it. Many believe that under such conditions, the carrier does not have to try and think about the interests of passengers – and so they will fly.

Why is this happening?

Today, Aeroflot has a monopoly on many routes. People have no alternative, and the company, accordingly, has no need to fight for customers, develop service, and improve service standards. On the contrary, in recent years they seem to have only been declining. Passengers regularly complain about the carrier, and social networks are full of negative reviews.

1. No refund

This problem became widespread after the announcement of lockdowns and the closure of countries due to a pandemic in 2020. Aeroflot was in no hurry to return money to passengers of canceled flights, but pulled to the last, apparently expecting that the state would find some way out. And it found – it legislated the right to exchange tickets for vouchers. According to the new conditions, this document gives a discount of up to 20% on future flights and is valid for 3 years. It is clear that such an attraction of unheard of generosity did not suit many customers at all. What do we have now in the dry residue? Ticket prices have soared, the geography of flights has narrowed significantly, and discounts are expiring. The voucher becomes useless. Even passengers with refundable fares were not refunded for canceled flights.

2. Absolute prohibition on board

To please yourself with a glass of wine or something stronger on board Aeroflot will not work even for money. In fairness, it should be noted that other Russian airlines have introduced a similar rule, but Aeroflot was one of the first to distinguish itself, causing a wave of indignation. People note in the comments with displeasure that the carrier, apparently, treats its customers as people who are a priori unable to control themselves.

According to passengers, flight attendants snap, allow themselves rude statements, and do not respond to requests.

3. Rude staff

The most common complaint is the attitude of Aeroflot employees. Many of them, starting from the front desk, do not suffer from customer focus. According to passengers, flight attendants snap, allow themselves rude statements, and do not respond to requests. And the airline representatives at the airport, who are responsible for solving problems, are indifferent and indifferent. Several forums describe situations when the plane took off earlier or moved the gates, but announced this only on the speakerphone, without duplicating the information on the scoreboard. Because of this, dozens of people could not get on board, and then waited for hours at the information desk, trying to get at least some advice. Employees simply brushed them aside and offered to buy new tickets for their money.

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4. Inconvenient and outdated site

The last point is the icing on the cake. Indeed, the Aeroflot website has a completely impractical design, a crooked ticket search, the need to fill in a bunch of fields for a long time, and incomprehensible navigation. To make a purchase, you need to spend at least half an hour on the site and be pretty nervous – users express their opinion.

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