Weekend in Vyborg: where, why and how much

Weekend in Vyborg: where, why and how much

Vyborg is a special city, not quite even Russian. Despite the fact that it has been part of our country since 1944, its center is so deeply imbued with the Swedish and Finnish spirit that nothing can knock it out. That is why tourists come here to experience the charm of Northern Europe without crossing the border. Let Vyborg be shabby in places, built up with typical panels in places, but its historical part is a pure delight for the eyes.

How to get there

From St. Petersburg to Vyborg you can get by train/train from Finland Station (travel time – from 1 hour, ticket price – from 360 RUB) and bus ( m. “Parnas”, “Devyatkino”, from 2.5 hours, from 400 RUB). By car – drive along the A-181 (E-19) highway for 2 hours without traffic jams.

Airplanes fly from Moscow to Pulkovo Airport daily, the cost of a round-trip ticket is from 4200 RUB. Then from the airport – by bus to the metro station “Moskovskaya”. By car: first along the M-11 toll road to St. Petersburg, then along the WHSD and then along the A-181. It will take 9-10 hours and 2500 RUB to travel one way. For more information, see the How to get to Vyborg page.

Where to live

In Vyborg, most of the hotels are 2-3 * in the price range of 2500-4000 RUB for a standard double room. Some places include breakfast. Most of the objects are located within walking distance from the main attraction – the Vyborg Castle. There are a couple of “fours” and apartments in a historic building in the center – with a cool thematic renovation and floor-to-ceiling windows. For them you will have to pay 7000-10 000 RUB. You can stay in a hostel, but not in the most budget one (most likely, workers will live there), namely for tourists – from 1000 RUB per bed.

The same European spirit

The old town with its cobbled streets, darkened facades, wrought-iron balconies and dilapidated houses of past eras is what it is worth going to Vyborg for. The incredible atmosphere of the terry Middle Ages covers it with a head, although the appearance of the historical center took shape in the 17-19 centuries. This is a real European city with all the architectural “marks”: thick stone walls, fancy signs for souvenir shops and cafes, tiled roofs and pointed towers.

Walk from the Clock Tower to the Market Square, admire the House of the Merchants' Guild of the Holy Spirit, the burgher's manor and the old town hall. Stop by the round tower, which has been adorning the city center for 5 centuries.

The tour will culminate with a visit to the Vyborg Castle, the main city attraction. This powerful bastion is a unique example of Northern European architecture. There are no more such people in Russia.

Burger's Meal

From the castle, return to Fortress Street – there are many cafes in its vicinity, where you can eat delicious food. If you want a medieval entourage – you are in the “Tavern”, “At Borchard”, “Slavic Meal”, “Bear”. The cuisine there is varied – from Finnish fish soup and Russian cutlets to Austrian schnitzels and roulettes. According to tourists, in these places they cook delicious food, and the price tag is humane.

A more economical option is to refuel with pasta at Signor Tomato, a juicy kebab at Wolff, or pies at Hello, Bread!

The best park

It is not for nothing that Monrepos Landscape Park is called one of the best in Europe. It is there that the harsh northern nature is presented in all its glory. A whole day is not enough to enjoy walks along the steep granite shores and forest paths of this green area. Pavilions, benches, bridges, sculptures are harmoniously inscribed in the natural beauty. Walk along the five-kilometer eco-route and admire all this splendor. You can take pictures literally at every step – there are so bewitching views.


End your day at the August Wah Jazz Café, a place with stylish interiors, stunning views and live music in the evenings. The menu is small, but everything is well prepared. Nearby is the Stary Karetnik, an atmospheric pub with excellent beer. For the most delicious burgers and craft beer, head to the Roof – you won't regret it, tourists are completely delighted with this place.

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Second day

In the morning, head to the Vyborg embankment to look at Viking longships and once again see Vyborgsky from afar lock. From there, go to the Central Library. Alvar Aalto. An architectural structure built in the 1930s. and recently renovated, as if taking visitors to a prosperous area of ​​a solid Scandinavian city, where everything and everyone is subject to the principles of “hygge”.

You can end your trip with a visit to the Hermitage-Vyborg exhibition center. Collections from the St. Petersburg Hermitage are often brought there, but there are also unique expositions.1/1

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