“We don’t meet passengers” and other secrets of flight attendants that you didn’t know about

It is believed that the profession of a flight attendant is one of the most romantic: constant travel, many new people around, a beautiful uniform … However, flight attendants assure that their work is actually hard work, and much remains invisible to the eyes of passengers. Blogger Leticia Viento talks about the behind-the-scenes life of girls who have dedicated themselves to the sky.

About dating men

It is believed that men dream of meeting flight attendants. Indeed, often the representatives of the stronger sex seek to establish contact with one of the beautiful members of the crew. However, the girl immediately activates the reflex: “They turn to me – it means that something happened,” which does not encourage acquaintance. Also, it's not legal to flirt with passengers while on duty, so it's best to meet a flight attendant after the flight or at the airport.

About sex on the plane

We have already written that there are lovers of locking themselves in toilets for sexual pleasures. And the crew members vigilantly ensure that one adult enters there. If the flight attendant suspects that the cabin is being used for other purposes, he may demand to release it and even open it with a key. 5 airlines with the most beautiful flight attendants: opinion of Russians.

How are flight attendants trained?

Girls aged 18 to 25 years old, up to 175 cm tall can get into flight attendants. But you also need to reach the luggage rack, so they don’t take inches.

The main thing in this profession is to be stress-resistant, so the first screening is done on psychological testing. They check very carefully – using the Luscher test, filling out a large questionnaire and an oral interview with psychologists. If specialists see that you are lying, nervous or overestimating your self-esteem, then this threatens to be denied further training. Level-headed and compassionate candidates have a high chance of being selected. After all, it is important that any member of the crew not be taken aback in an incomprehensible situation, but quickly get together and act. You can get nervous only after solving the problem.

Another test is on the vestibular apparatus: a beginner will be spun in a chair, after which they will be asked to stand up and walk in a straight line. Half of the applicants are cut off at this stage. Journeys under the skin: 18 tattoos for those who can't imagine their lives without airplanes.

What is prohibited on an airplane

Planned pregnant women, drunk and aggressive people, and obviously colds are not allowed on board. Sneezing and coughing passengers are sources of infection that quickly spreads through the aircraft cabin and settles in the ventilation system. In addition, flying with a stuffy nose carries the risk of excessive pressure on the eardrums.

Why you can't change seats

This way the flight attendant takes care of you. How? If a person is insured against accidents on the way and suddenly gets injured on the plane, the insurance company will pay compensation. Only this will happen on the condition that the passenger was sitting in the seat indicated on the boarding pass. And if somewhere else, then you can not see the money. Now many leading airlines offer the option of choosing a seat when booking a ticket, so you can ensure your convenience in advance.

Do I really need to turn off gadgets on the plane?

Since the days of the first cell phones, it has been a rule to turn them off during takeoff and landing – after all, before they really interfered with the operation of on-board instruments. Even now, many flights make the appropriate announcement. Although technology has stepped forward, and the work of electronic gadgets is almost imperceptible, the tradition has remained, and it is advisable not to enter into an argument with the stewardess, but to put your device in the “aviation” mode. It will also help you save on roaming charges upon arrival abroad.

The whole truth about airplane mode. Results of the experiment:

About suspicious persons

Extensive experience in working with people allows us to detect a suspicious person by appearance and unusual behavior. As a rule, such types try very hard to behave inconspicuously and not to attract attention.

Once, the vigilance of a flight attendant helped save a girl from a slave trader: an airline employee noticed a contrast in the imposing warm suit of a man and the light clothes of a frightened child flying with him. The stewardess gave the baby a sign, she went to the toilet and wrote a note asking for help there. The pilots relayed a warning to ground crews and the man was arrested at his destination airport.

Also, aircraft crews regularly train their behavior in relation to terrorists, and special secret signs have been introduced for internal communication. They are constantly changing and are not made public for obvious reasons.

Revelations of flight attendants. 7 most annoying types of passengers:

About fears

Of course, flying airline employees are fearless people, but rare emergency situations leave an indelible mark on the memory. It happens that after that they go on a long vacation or change jobs. But some continue to fly, taking into account previous experience and serving as an example to beginners. Handcuffs and other “means of restraint” will appear on planes.

Emergency situations

The most common problem is aerophobia, sometimes you have to pay a lot of attention to passengers who are afraid to fly. And in case of conflicts, the stewardess must find an approach to the initiator of the skirmish, trying to understand his motives and reassure all parties. Psychologists often work with crew members and conduct special trainings.

A flight attendant tells a curious incident: she spilled coffee on two passengers in white sitting at the aisle. Already prepared for a scandal, but the victims quickly went to wash off, along the way they got to know each other, talked and forgot about the incident.

Are there drunk pilots ?

Despite idle talk about drunken pilots, these are just stories. Before each flight, the crew members measure the pulse, sometimes pressure, conduct a selective blood test. Also, unusual behavior or the smell of fumes is easy to detect at a pre-flight briefing, a drunk person will not be allowed to fly and a replacement will be called. But in general, pilots are well aware of the measure of their responsibility for people's lives and do not abuse alcohol.

Why are passengers not released immediately after the plane lands? Telling:

About security

Although air travel is considered the least risky mode of transport, there is no 100% guarantee, as well as especially safe places on the plane. New airliners are the most reliable, and the most thorough baggage checks are carried out at Israeli airports (this is done in a separate room by specially trained staff).

You don't have to worry about breathing: the oxygen in the mask is enough for 12 minutes, during which the plane descends to a height where you can breathe normally. Locks on suitcases only help against accidental opening – ground services have the right to open any suspicious luggage for inspection. Why does a flight attendant hide her hands behind her back when meeting passengers.

About tomato juice

For some reason, the most popular juice on flights is tomato juice, although in fact it is not recommended to drink it in the air, just like legumes and carbonated drinks, which cause gas formation in the stomach. Why you want to feel the taste of tomatoes on an airplane is hard to explain.

Why do you really want tomato juice on the plane? Look:

Chicken or fish?

It is also difficult to understand why the chicken ends faster than the fish, but it is a fact. How do flight attendants and pilots eat? For them, the menu is approximately the same as for passengers, but in different dishes, and the commander of the ship and the co-pilot are served different dishes – to reduce the risk of simultaneous poisoning with a stale product.

About superstition

The crew members are usually superstitious people. For example, they believe in the omen that nothing can be sewn or sewn up before the flight and until the very destination, so they use pins. And I also noticed that once it's time to serve hot drinks, expect turbulence.

Is it right to clap when landing?

For the same reason, pilots and flight attendants do not like it when they start applauding in the cabin long before the plane stops – after all, the flight is not considered completed before it.

About the captain's greeting

Passengers are interested: why does the aircraft commander speak quickly and unintelligibly? In fact, it is not easy to watch the instruments, negotiate with the “ground” and monitor the weather at the same time. Therefore, the greeting is often crumpled.

About animals

Many people are worried about how animals are transported in the luggage compartment. In fact, you should not worry – the room is heated, and the animals do not freeze. True, the tightness, noise and absence of the owner will most likely cause some stress. /sized/f550x700/1j/pj/1jpjsb6zly4kkg8k44cgks44w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

About tricks

Economy class passengers with an airline bonus program may be in trouble if there are empty seats in business class. When registering, some are transplanted a class higher. But on the plane, you should not change seats, again because of the insurance conditions. How to choose a seat by the window so that the sun does not shine in your eyes.

About professional habits

Stewardesses know the layout of the aircraft by heart and check the presence of life jackets under the seat. Also, out of habit, when entering the salon, they often pay attention to where the fire extinguisher and emergency exit are located.

About pension

The youngest pensioners are flight attendants, they can complete their careers already 7 years after starting work, because it is enough for them to fly 4800 hours. But it is also one of the most risky professions for health: an irregular schedule, frequent change of time zones, working with people and a lot of time on your feet affect. Long flights are especially difficult, when you can’t sleep for several hours.

About personal life

What kind of personal life is there when you are on flights for two weeks, and you are at home during breaks for only a couple of days? Therefore, many people quit after getting married, and then miss the sky — after all, there are no former flight attendants. tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/bq/rl/bqrllt7t908c40okgsgg8s4w8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How much do flight attendants get< /h2>

Salary depends on the airline, length of service, financial result. In Russia, flight attendants earn from 50 thousand rubles, there is a surcharge for foreign languages. You can earn some extra money by selling duty-free goods that are offered on the plane. A sexy stewardess from St. Petersburg became an Instagram star.

What annoying questions

Most often asked: where are we flying, the answer to the question is obvious – in the sky. Passengers are also worried that they will be late for a connecting flight. Let's be realistic: the flight attendant, with all her desire, will not be able to call the airport in order to wait for you to dock.

Often people are capricious about food: they ask for skim milk, a diet dessert, or they call the stewardess after the end of the service to bring a glass of water. Flight attendants are usually busy in the kitchen, they have absolutely no time to run around the cabin once again: everyone can come for water himself, at the same time take a walk.

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