We debunk 7 myths about Thailand: there is nothing to be afraid of

Debunk 7 myths about Thailand: nothing to be afraid of

Many travelers who are just discovering Asia are afraid to relax in Thailand because of frightening rumors about this exotic country. We love and are not afraid to go there, so we want to refute the 7 most common prejudices that have developed about her.

1. Unsanitary conditions

Everything is known in comparison: of course, the level of cleanliness in Thailand is far from European, but it is much higher than in India and Egypt. If you follow basic hygiene measures (wash your hands, wash fruits and vegetables, use wet wipes, drink bottled water, etc.), there is no danger of infection. Also, do not overheat in the sun and touch the local animals.

2. It is dangerous to rest because of the tsunami and floods

Thais learned from the tragedy of 2004, when a huge tsunami wave hit several islands and claimed many lives. The authorities have improved warning and mass warning systems, so this kind of cataclysm will no longer be taken by surprise. Floods occur in Thailand every year due to the flooding of the Chao Phraya River. But the scale of the floods is small, the water does not get close to the resorts.

3. The rainy season is always, except for winter

Travel agencies have created and support this myth in order to send vacationers to Turkey, Spain and Greece in summer, and leave winter for Southeast Asia and Egypt. In fact, Thailand is located in several climatic zones: there are many resorts with different weather conditions. In every season you can find a comfortable place to warm up, swim and see the surroundings.

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4. Massage is erotic

For some reason, the myth that Thai massage has elements of eroticism has taken root, but this is not true. In Asian culture, much attention is paid to the energy flows in the human body that affect spiritual growth and health. Therefore, it is worth trusting the hands of masseurs: they bring healing. And for intimate services, there are specialized establishments, which are usually located in tourist areas, in the red light districts.

5. The food is too spicy

Thai cuisine is very diverse: there are very spicy dishes, moderate and completely without pepper. Baking seasonings help disinfect food, but their presence is not necessary. In addition, in restaurants you can ask to put less spices: the phrase sounds in Thai “phet nit noi.”

6. Street food is dangerous

In Thailand, it is customary to sometimes eat in street cafes and kiosks, even wealthy people do this. To find the places with the most delicious food, look where the line is lined up and boldly approach.

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7. Thai smile is fake

So think those who have little contact with ordinary people. In fact, the Thais almost constantly live with a smile – this is one of the most benevolent peoples. Smiling, the locals express a variety of emotions: greetings, apologies, disappointment, etc. So feel free to come to the “land of smiles” and enjoy its beauty and hospitality.

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