We chew correctly: an etiquette expert named 6 mistakes we make in restaurants

We chew properly: etiquette expert reveals 6 mistakes we make in restaurants

The basic rules of behavior at the table, it would seem, are known to everyone, and yet they are violated quite often: for example, they chew with an open mouth or loudly knock with a spoon on the edge of a cup. But connoisseurs of table subtleties will not let you forget about good manners: etiquette expert Winifred Nvaniya demonstrated the most common mistakes and showed how to eat on a date, business dinner or with family. Here are six of the most common etiquette crimes we commit at the dinner table:

  1. Blowing on hot food.To some, this seems quite natural, but etiquette experts are against it: instead of blowing into a plate, you just need to wait until its contents have cooled. It is much safer from the point of view of hygiene – this way, microdroplets of saliva will not get into the air, and no one will splash anyone.
  2. We chew loudly.It is appetizing to crunch an apple, nibble loudly on a cucumber, sip tea and slurp – such noisy behavior is also not welcomed by the rules of etiquette. This is unpleasant for others: for some, such sounds are simply annoying, while for others they cause real panic. Not so long ago, scientists identified a special condition – misophonia. It is observed in people with increased sound sensitivity, and most often they suffer from the sounds associated with food – chewing, champing, swallowing, crunching.
  1. Lick the spoon. Another bad habit is ugly and completely unacceptable from the point of view of etiquette .
  2. Ranging dishes. Do not stir sugar in a cup noisily, move the plate loudly or rattle cutlery – especially during a table conversation.
  3. We talk with food in our mouths.We are reminded from early childhood that this is not necessary, but some, carried away by the conversation, still violate this rule. Experts remind: talking and chewing at the same time is not a sign of good taste.
  4. We bring the plate closer to us. Taking the plate from the table and bringing it to the face is another mistake. However, etiquette gurus also do not advise leaning towards the plate: you need to keep your back straight, and bring the spoon to your mouth parallel to the table surface.

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    We chew properly: 6 mistakes we make in restaurants

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