Vietnam refuses to test for Covid-19 for all tourists without exception

Vietnam refused to test for Covid-19 for all tourists without exception

Government officials have previously announced a waiver of mandatory testing of tourists before boarding a plane, and now a similar rule has come into force upon arrival at the airport. Moreover, the division into “red”, “yellow” and “green” countries did not do. The new procedure applies to absolutely all foreign tourists entering Vietnam.

Recall that from April 27, 2022, foreigners are no longer required to fill out a health declaration. And the COVID-19 vaccination certificates and quarantine on arrival were canceled back in mid-March, when, in fact, Vietnam reopened its borders to international tourists.

However, despite the decision to remove all test requirements, the prime minister The country's minister ordered the Ministry of Health to closely monitor the pandemic situation and, if necessary, take appropriate prevention and control measures.

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