Utair distributes elite levels of Utair Status to passengers of departed airlines

Utair distributes elite Utair Status levels to passengers of retired airlines

Get Utair Status elite level by All citizens of the Russian Federation can share shares. To do this, just leave a request on the carrier's website and attach a scan or photo of a loyalty card of a foreign airline that has ceased to operate flights to Russia

President «Utair — Passenger Airlines» Oleg Semyonov explains: “After analyzing requests from social media users and calls to support chats, we realized that many passengers with loyalty cards of foreign airlines are now unable to use their benefits.

To all passengers who have elite levels in foreign airlines, we offer free access to the privileges of the elite levels of our Utair Status loyalty program. With the Gold level, they will have access to business lounges, they will be able to choose a seat on board for free, take additional hand luggage and sports equipment.

Today, Utair plays a key role in providing passenger and cargo transportation in the regions of Russia, connecting the cities of the North Caucasus, the Volga region, Central Russia, Siberia and the Far Eastern Federal District. In the summer schedule of 2022, Utair announced flights to more than 100 destinations, 70 percent of them — direct flights between regions, that is, without transfers in Moscow.

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