US pilots raise retirement age to 67

The retirement age for pilots has been raised to 67 in the US

On Monday, Republican senators introduced a bill in the Senate that would raise the mandatory retirement age for US airline pilots from 65 to 67. The meaning of the law is simple— it will allow pilots to continue flying until they are 67 years old, without any additional medical or other requirements. 

Let the experienced pilots fly law! supported by lobbyists of the Regional Airline Association, as well as the National Air Carrier Association, which represents the interests of low-cost airlines and small cargo airlines.

It is the regional airlines that have suffered the most from the shortage of pilots.

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtually all employers offered pilots and other employees early retirement packages. As air travel is now recovering, major airlines have accelerated recruitment to replace pilots who have retired early, as well as pilots who are already 65 years old. Regional airlines are experiencing significant staff reductions: pilots are leaving faster than they have time to hire and train new specialists. A training backlog at some regional airlines, due to a lack of flight simulators and sometimes instructors, further complicates the problem. about 100 regional jets each because they lacked pilots. Airlines have also stopped flights to smaller cities. For example, United has just announced the removal of the 25th city from the route grid since the start of the pandemic.

American has increased the salaries of its pilots in an attempt to attract more new pilots and stop layoffs.

The shortage of flight personnel has led to the fact that 71% of airports with commercial flights experienced a reduction in flights

Experts remind that in 2007 the mandatory retirement age was raised from 60 to 65 years. The 2007 law brought the US into line with international aviation standards adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO continues to recommend setting the retirement age at 65.

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