Unusual stereotypes about Russians that the Chinese believe in

Unusual stereotypes about Russians that the Chinese believe in

Russians drink vodka every day, ride bears to work and collect matryoshka dolls – everyone is familiar with these stereotypes. But the Chinese have a different idea of ​​us. Read and be surprised by the stereotypes that exist in the Middle Kingdom.

1. All Russians know how to drive a tank

The idea of ​​Russia as a militaristic power exists since the times of the USSR, and nothing has changed for the Chinese in this sense. Interestingly, a similar stereotype exists among Australians. 5 names banned in different countries of the world.

2. All Russian men are extremely handsome

Of course, where have you seen ugly tankmen? But seriously, many people know about the beauty of Russian women, but Russian men are usually not considered among the most attractive. As it turned out, this is unfair about China: some local girls are convinced of the beauty of our men. True, when they see them in reality, they are sometimes disappointed, but do not forget that attractiveness is a matter of taste.

3. Eternal cold in Russia

Here the Chinese are unoriginal: Russian colds are the subject of legends and jokes all over the world. But from the inhabitants of China, where it is often quite cold in the north, it is strange to hear such a thing. Nevertheless, many of them believe that in the summer in Russia there is no such place where one could walk in shorts.

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