Two quick ways to keep your hotel bathroom mirror from fogging up

Two quick ways to keep your hotel bathroom mirror from fogging up

Another weird — Why is a hair dryer built into the bathroom? There is not enough space, and in general the toilet is next door. What about high humidity? In general, a very dubious place to place an electrical appliance. 

The only useful explanation for such a dislocation — the ability to use a hair dryer to "dry" mirrors. Agree, after a hot shower, the mirror always fogs up so that it is impossible to see at least something in it. Point hair dryer at mirror, switch to hot mode… Literally 5 seconds, and the condensate will disappear.

But, it turns out, there is another option, how to “sweat” mirror. Take some shaving cream and rub it on the mirror before showering. When you finish your morning exercise, the mirror will be clean.

As for the hair dryer, experts unanimously convince us that it is better to take your own from home on a trip. The reason is simple. Hair dryer — one of the dirtiest items in the room. Often there are more germs on it than on the toilet. Cleaners, as a rule, are focused on completely different things in the bathroom: they polish the sink, taps, shower cabin to a shine.

The same situation with the switches — they are touched by all guests without exception, but they are not perceived as dirty objects.

Going even further, you should not sit on chairs in a hotel room without first putting something on top of them.

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